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Credit Card RFID Protector Sleeve By SefCard Promotion

Are you afraid that you may be a victim of digital pick pocketing? "RFID-enabled credit card data can be easily, cheaply, and undetectably stolen and used for fraudulent transactions"

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Credit Card RFID Protector Sleeve By SefCard

THOROUGHLY ENGINEERED ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION; our efficient credit card sleeves employ a new and efficient multilayer technology that blocks RFID signals, thus ensuring that pickpockets will never steal your credit card data.

PROTECTION WITH STYLE; each design is unique and very elegant, featuring beautiful details that make it stand out. Plus the unique design allows you to easily differentiate and recognize a particular credit card.

THIN BUT DURABLE - why buying a sleeve who won't fit into your wallet? SefCard is made from thin but durable material, hence ensuring that each sleeve will fit right in easily.

PEACE OF MIND - no matter if you are staying at town or travelling abroad, by choosing SefCard, you can finally prevent identity thefts and digital pickpocketing for good!