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Cozypony Pack Of 24 Straws Paper Straws Pink And White Strip Promotion

One of good accessories for retro party

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Cozypony Pack Of 24 Straws Paper Straws Pink And White Strip

Pack of 24 straws Paper Straws Pink and White strip

Name: colorful straws.
Size: Internal diameter 0.55cm, External diameter 0.6cm, Length 19cm.
Weight: 1.2 grams each.

Pattern : Wave.

Color: Color 1-- Color 20 (one pack is same color, a total of 20 colors).
Colors and patterns are very cute and Beautiful.

Use environmentally friendly paper straw materials, can be completely degraded after use, and will not cause any pollution to the environment, the product through the FDA testing and detection of EU standards, in line with the United States and Europe hygiene requirements for food packaging.

These Colorful Paper straws will light up any party and have your guests smiling and laughing with joy.

These unique straws are perfect for Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, Craft Shows, Special Events, Picnics, Baby Showers or any other fun outing!!

Strong and Durable paper straws that do not get soggy in liquids. They are of High quality, so you can use them all day long.

Package Including:
pack of 24 straws