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Corkologist Emoji Cork Coasters, Set Of 4 Promotion Promotion

Jazz up your drinks with your favorite emojis

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Corkologist Emoji Cork Coasters, Set Of 4 Promotion

$1 Limited Promotion

-Premium cork absorbs liquids to protect surfaces
-High-quality, durable print
-Fun conversation starter and makes for great gifts
-Set of 4 coasters
-4-inch diameter & 0.2-inch thick

Jazz up your drinks with your favorite emojis. This set of 4 emoji cork coasters from Corkologist are perfect as gifts and are great conversation pieces. Feeling flirty? Use the sly face. Feeling happy? Pass out the smiley face. Premium cork ensures that your tables and bar tops are free from scratching, heat, water and liquid rings.

Maggie Ornduff Maggie Ornduff  

Okay, So These Are So Adorable! My Daughter Is Into All Things Emoji, And These Emoji Cork Printed Coasters From Corkologist Are Something That She Was Very Happy To Have. While She Does Not Use Them As Coasters She Said She Will Make A Nice Arrangement On Her Wall With These. She Said She Couldn't Put Drinks On Them Because She Might Make Them Sad... She Is Very Into Inanimate Objects And Still Thinks They Have Feelings. I Received These Coasters At A Discount In Exchange For My Honest Review. My Daughter Absolutely Loves These. Even Though She Is Not Using Them For Their Intended Use, She Has Plans On Making A Great Display On The Wall Of Her Room. Like Most Parents, Making My Child Happy Is A Win No Matter What! Check Them Out Here: Https://
Kitty Hughes Kitty Hughes  

Corkologist Is Promoting Their Corkologist Emoji Cork Coasters, Set Of 4 Promotion. Visit Product Page Https:// And Find Out More. #corkologist
Annie Phillips Annie Phillips  

Corkologist Emoji Cork Coaster Printed, Set Of 4 Https:// Darling Real Cork Coasters
Jessica Stuart Jessica Stuart  

Got These Cute Little Cork Emoji Coasters From Corkologist. Four Different Faces Will Liven Up Your Drinks And All The While Keep Your Table From Getting Those Ugly Drink Rings. We've Been Using Them For The Past Week And They've Held Up Great.
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

With The Way The World Communicates Today, These Are Perfect. Super Cute, SUPER Absorbent! The Cork Is Thin But Not Too Much So That Liquid Goes Through. I Have Had Numerous Drinks On Each One And None Of The Faces Are Fading. These Would Make Perfect Gifts For Housewarming Or For That Special Friend Whom Likes A Glass Of Wine Or A Great Cuppa. There Are 4 Different Faces So You Can Pick Your Emotion That Day :) I Received This Product At A Discounted Rate In Return For My Unbiased Opinion.
Melissa Rand Melissa Rand  

Corkologist Is Promoting Their Corkologist Emoji Cork Coasters, Set Of 4 Promotion. Visit Product Page Https:// And Find Out More. #corkologist
Laura Smith Laura Smith  

Jazz Up Your Drinks With Your Favorite Emojis. This Set Of 4 Emoji Cork Coasters From Corkologist Are Perfect As Gifts And Are Great Conversation Pieces. Feeling Flirty? Use The Sly Face. Feeling Happy? Pass Out The Smiley Face. Premium Cork Ensures That Your Tables And Bar Tops Are Free From Scr...