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Complete Cleaning Set For Camera And Telescope Lenses Promotion

Try this amazing new kit for cleaning the lenses of cameras and telescopes!

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Complete Cleaning Set For Camera And Telescope Lenses

* This Opula Telescope Lens Cleaning Kit contains specially selected items to professionally clean your telescope eyepiece lenses: 25ml Dust-proof, Anti-static Cleaning Fluid + High Quality Lens Brush + Comfort Grip Air This Opula Telescope Lens Cleaning Kit Blower Cleaner + Anti-static Microfibre Cleaning Cloth + 10 Detail Cleaning Swabs
* Used by the astronomers behind the 'Love the Night Sky' Astronomy blog
* Spray bottle (unlike similar products on Amazon) comes filled with scientifically formulated anti bacterial and anti static telescope lens cleaning fluid
* Anti-static and anti-bacterial properties of this kit mean it will slow down the future build up of dust and grime on your lenses
* At Love the Night Sky, we want only 100% satisfied customers! If you don't love this product, we will refund in full - no questions asked!