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Colorful Casual Cotton Patterned Dress Men's Socks, Gift Pack Promotion

Ideal gift for men. Size 7-12.

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Colorful Casual Cotton Patterned Dress Men's Socks, Gift Pack

Ideal gift for men colorful socks. Size 7-12.

Ideal gift for men fun socks in happy funky bright colors were designed to get you compliments. Soxtory dress socks for men are made from a combed cotton 80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastan. These colorful socks are soft and super comfortable, not too thick, not too thin. One size fits all (8-12) with a longer length to compensate for any shrinkage and guys with great big calves. Quality elastane cuff means your socks will stay up but they won't cut off your circulation! We recommend that you wash in cold water and hang. Want to throw them in the dryer? No problem! Colors will stay bright and socks will shrink a bit but, they've got lots of stretch and we made them a bit longer so that you still love them after many washes.