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Colore Sketch Pad For Drawing And Sketching Promotion

This sketch pad features a collection of micro-perforated true size sheets

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Colore Sketch Pad For Drawing And Sketching

Looking for a smooth surface drawing paper that is durable and erases cleanly? Then look no further than Colore 9 X 12 Inches Sketch Pads.

Colore 9 X 12 Inches Sketch Pads are widely known for their durability and high paper quality. These sketch pads offer a unique collection of multi-purpose papers that can either be used for experimentation or technique perfection purposes. Unlike other sketch pads, Colore sketch pads contain 100 sheets of paper, each with a sturdy surface area that will allow for clean erases after writing or drawing.

This sketch pad features a collection of micro-perforated true size sheets. These sheets are durable, ecofriendly, acid-free and free from harmful chemical, thereby making them safe and convenient for use.

The portable feel and amazing build quality of the pad allows you to take it wherever you go and enjoy the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity or write down your thoughts and inspirations, using either graphite pencils or colored pencils.

Colore professional grade Sketch pad is manufactured for art students, professional artists, writers and regular individuals

With over 100 Blank Pages that are suitable for writing and sketches, Colore series is guaranteed to provide users with an unlimited opportunity to write and draw anywhere, anytime.