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Cinquains: Volume 1 (Kindle Edition) Promotion

Stanley T. Crawford, Ed.D. has been an educator for over 20 years. He has served in education leadership positions at the district and building levels.

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Cinquains: Volume 1

Short Children's Poems with Pictures:

Do you want to catch the attention of your students? Then Cinquains: Volume 1 is for you. Cinquains that are great to share at home with small children, in school settings as an attention and engagement piece, or as a clever introduction to a meeting. Stanley has used the Cinquain form of poetry to describe and share common events, places, and things.

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

WINDY #childrensbook #cinquains #stanleytcrawford
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

I Enjoy The Children's Book Cinquains Written By StanleyT. Crawford. I Think It's Well Written And Perfect For Elementary School Children. It's Useful For Thought Provoking Conversation For So Many Different Levels Of Education. From Simplistic Weather Descriptions As The Section WINTER, Discussing The Play And The Feel Of The Season. Relatable To Any School Child And Brings The Joy Of It Out In Play Of The Season. Also The Section SUMMER, Being Specific To July, The Off School Specific Month That Kids Identify With The Most. The Visuals It Brings To My Memory Of My Own Childhood Makes Me Smile In Satisfaction Of That Simplistic Life During Summer Break. It Can Spur Conversation Of Future Plans, Past Experiences, And So Much More Possibilities. WINDY Is Especially Fresh To Me This Week. In Colorado We Recently Had An Amazing Force Of Wind That Knocked Down A Tree And Part Of My Fence. "Stomach Excitedly Sinking". How Perfect And Resonating This Week For Me. I Enjoyed This Book Very Much Even At My Old Age. It Will Allow Thought Provoking Conversation On A Variety Of Topics From Simplistic As Seasons, To As Intense As Discussion Of Souls. It Can Go Anywhere You Want To Take It,to Create A Learning Situation. Also A Great Way To Introduce Young Minds To Poetry With Things They Can Relate To. Birthdays? Who Can't Relate To That? Love That Mother Nature Also Important And Discussed. All Of It Interacts And Is Dependant Upon One Another. I'm Pleased Nature, Life, Tradition All Fabulous Topics To Teach. Great Job Stanley.
Abigail Young Abigail Young  

Anyone ever hear of "cinquains"? Type of poem, based off haiku. Great intro book for kids by Stanley T. Crawford:
Abigail Young Abigail Young  

Short Children's Poems With Pictures:Do You Want To Catch The Attention Of Your Students?. Then Cinquains: Volume 1, Is For You. Cinquains That Are Great To Share At Home With Small Children, In School Settings As An Attention And Engagement Piece, Or As A Clever Introduction To A Meeting. S...