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CifToys Friction Powered Car Garbage Truck Toy For Toddlers Promotion

Gift Your Kids the Best Toy Friction Powered Car Garbage Truck Toy and Educate Them On Environmental Friendliness from Early On!Are your little ones fascinated by Friction Powered Car Garbage Truck…

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CifToys Friction Powered Car Garbage Truck Toy For Toddlers | Cool Tra...

Gift Your Kids the Best Toy Friction Powered Car Garbage Truck Toy and Educate Them On Environmental Friendliness from Early On!Are your little ones fascinated by Friction Powered Car Garbage Truck Toys?Do they often gather by the window to watch the garbage man and say hello?Then they are going to love this impressive toy trash truck by CifToys!Simulate the excitement they look forward to every week and gift them the coolest toy rubbish Friction Powered Truck that will keep them playing for hours on end!With realistic lights and sounds that kids love and an easy to empty garbage can, this is a realistic looking truck that looks just like the one you might see in your neighbourhood.Stop Wasting Your Money On Poor Quality Garbage Truck Toys That Fail You After the First Few Weeks!Tired of buying toys that barely make it through the first week?Do you need a toy garbage truck that will last?We've got you covered!Boasting durable design, this friction powered kids' toy will offer your children endless hours of fun indoors or outdoors. What is more, it is an excellent way of encouraging hand-to-eye coordination skills in young toddlers and pre-schoolers.Play Straight Out of the BoxThe package comes complete with 3 AA batteries, so you can start using it right away! Measurements: 12" L x 6" H x 4" W.Backed by a risk-free money back guarantee of complete satisfaction, you have nothing to lose!Still reading?Order Yours Today!Click "Add to Cart" Now, While Supplies Last!

Kayla Rendall Kayla Rendall  

My nephew is the cutest and had to go to sleep with all the toys I sent him!!
Alisha Wheeler Alisha Wheeler  

Check out this toy guys! It’s a friction powered garbage truck with lights and sounds- made by CifToys! The back actually lifts up to dump out contents! It has made cleaning up fun for Carter- he puts his wrappers or small toys in the back, and then pops up the back and dumps them wherever they go! He absolutely loves it! Quality toy at a great price! You can check it out here:
Nurse Shannan Nurse Shannan  

This is such a fun and realistic garbage truck for toddlers by #ciftoys . It has friction wheels, lights up with sound effects plus has many fun moving parts. Zelah loves turning it on and off as well as pushing it around with its friction wheels that make noises. We also like the realistic looking attached garbage can and that you can open the back gate. It's a great learning tool to educate Zelah about #recycling, environmental friendliness and the importance of cleaning in general. This #dumptruck also comes complete with 3 AA batteries so you can start using it right away. It looks and feels to be very well made and I can see Zelah spending countless hours of imaginative play with this #truck. We do recommend this innovative toy available on #amazon at (clickable link in my bio and blog) . #ciftoys . . . . . #kidstoys #kidsofinstagram #happymommy #mommylife #happymom #happymomma, #mommyblogger #momblogs #mommyhood , #toysagram #momslife #momlife #momlifestyle #mamablogger #mamablog #motherhoodunplugged, #toyreview #motherhoodrocks, #motherhood, #momblog #toddlersofinstagram #momsofinsta #momslifeisthebestlife #babytoys #toytruck
Sunil Patel Sunil Patel Great toy. Kids at home love it. 5 Stars.
Aa Aa Aa Aa  

Great children’s toy.
Haydar Kir Haydar Kir  

Cif Toys Garbage Truck
Angela Rockwell Angela Rockwell  

Friction Powered Garbage Truck Does your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild get excited when the garbage truck comes around weekly? Think how excited they'll be when they own their own friction powered garbage truck. This realistic looking truck comes with lights, noises, and has moving parts for hours of fun. This toy by CifToys can be used indoors or outdoors to start teaching young ones about cleaning up around the home and doing their part to keep the environment clean all the while benefiting their eye - hand coordination and spending quality time together. This garbage truck comes ready for immediate use with three AA batteries included in the package. To Purchase The Friction Powered Garbage Truck By CifToys: #ciftoysgarbagetrucktoy #ciftoysgarbagetrucktoy #toys#phototastic #childrenstoys #children#toys #kidstoys
Diana Hickey Diana Hickey  

CifToys Friction Powered Car Garbage Truck Toy for Toddlers with Lights and Sound Effects This is a great toy from CifToys. My granddaughter (or grandson, I may have to get another) is going to love it. Both kids are going to be 3 this year and the girl loves playing with cars and trucks. Dollies will be for her little sister. After my careful examination, I have found this friction powered garbage truck to be quite safe and well made. As with most things, it can be broken if handled too roughly. It's really colorful which young kids like and full of stickers. Being a friction truck it also has friction sound making pretend that much more fun. The friction movement really goes too without much work on the handlers effort. Press the button on the side and lights flash and sirens sound, watch out mom and dad, your kids are going to have hours of fun with this one. LOL The back end dumps with a flip of the switch and the very back opens to dump out all that has been collected. This is really a cool toy for many ages. Brought back the kid in me too. Love it.
Brittany King Brittany King  

Ordered these awesome toys for a friend of mine off of amazon. They are very well made and high quality toys. They work great to keep kids entertained. I would recommend these.
Laura Brewer Laura Brewer  

Marica Berman Marica Berman  

i always like to do a review after the toy has had a chance to make it or break. My 2 year old grandson 100% loves this truck.There are two buttons, one that makes sounds and the other that lifts the "hydraulics". He loves the sounds it makes, the light up headlights and side lights, and the dumping action. It is easy for him to use and enjoy. He loves that it keeps rolling once he lets go. This toy has held up to multiple crash tests by him. I gave it five star because the hatch door has not came off it's hinges and does not needs to be re-hinged frequently. it hasn't snapped or broken off.He loves it so much and works great that nothing prevents me from recommending this toy or using it.