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CifToys Fire Engine Truck Promotion

MUST-HAVE TOY FOR THE CHILD OF EVERY EDUCATED FAMILY: Fire Truck Toys for 3 Year Old Boys & Girls. Our fire truck has everything it needs to stimulate your toddler’s senses. Your boy or girl will…

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CifToys Fire Engine Truck

MUST-HAVE TOY FOR THE CHILD OF EVERY EDUCATED FAMILY: Fire Truck Toys for 3 Year Old Boys & Girls. Our fire truck has everything it needs to stimulate your toddler’s senses. Your boy or girl will absolutely love hearing the siren sounds, moving the truck and extending its ladder to rescue cats.
CHOOSE THE BEST & THE SAFEST: When it comes to your child’s health you should never compromise. Our fire truck toy is made of 100% hypoallergenic materials.
DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON NEW KID TOYS EVERY WEEK: At Ciftoys, we’re committed to providing you and your children with best toys (fire truck toys) and games. Our new rescue car is carefully manufactured to make kids smile.
SUPER –FUN GIFT FOR CHILDREN: Looking for a gift to make your beloved 3 year old adventurer happy? Not anymore. Best gift for 3 year old boys & girls, this interactive fire engine truck is one of the most popular and best-selling toys in the market. Other kids already have it!
100% GUARANTEE FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND: At CifToys, we work hard to create active and fun play experiences for your children. That’s why we back all our toys with a full refund guarantee. Lots of fun with our fire engine truck toy, or your money back. This is our CifToys promise, and we always keep it! 3 AA BATTERIES ARE REQUIRED, NOT INCLUDED.

Kimberly Blair-Seaholtz Kimberly Blair-Seaholtz  

Introducing The Realistic Fire Engine Truck Toy Ever-Unleash Your Child's Imagination Gift fire truck toys for 3 year old boys & girls. Does your kid have millions of toys and still seem bored? Looking for ways to keep your little boy or girl entertained? I can see you nodding! But... Not anymore...
Sherri Adams Sherri Adams  

My 3 year old son loves his new fire truck. This truck is made of 100% hypoallergenic materials and is made by CifToys. The ladder extends and the sirens make noise while lighting up. It's not too big and it's not too small. Perfect size for a toddler!
Patty Mary Patty Mary  

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Amanda Ray Amanda Ray  

Wonderful to gift! Kids love the lights and the ability to interact with the truck. The kids have spent hours driving it around and rescuing people. Ladder is a great addition to the truck. Love the lights!
Zaneta Ortiz Zaneta Ortiz  

This spoiled little boy may have received one of his Christmas presents early. SIGH, it's hard to resist that devilish smile. Check out Xavier's new fire trick with lights and sounds. #ciftoys
Laura Grubbs Laura Grubbs  

I got Chloe this little fire engine for a good price and I said I would write a review on FB so if you are interested ( I really like this fire engine but it has a few major flaws. I feel like it is not made of sturdy enough plastic in order to withstand the beating of a young kid. My daughter is very rough on toys and it is clearly not going to last long. The noises are nice other than you cannot turn them off/down. It looks nice but I think there could be some quality improvements.
Martha Mae Harris Martha Mae Harris  

CifToys Fire Engine Truck I gotten this Fire engine kids toy from CifToys. It highlights practical alarm sounds, lights, and an extendable step. It is incredible for children everything being equal, and a fun toy for either sexual orientation to play with. It is sturdy and sensible, and I exceedingly prescribe getting one! The remarkable alarm sounds, charming sparkling eyes and enchanted expanding step of our red-hot red, intuitive safeguard vehicle toy are essentially wonderful! Your small hopeful firefighter can spend unlimited hours investigating the potential outcomes of this gracious, so genuine fire motor truck. Until the point when you see your youngsters playing with our toy, there's no real way to depict the bliss all over.
Abigail Thomas Abigail Thomas  

I received this Fire Truck kids toy from CifToys. It features realistic siren sounds, lights and an extendable ladder. It is great for kids of all ages, and a fun toy for either gender to play with. It is durable and realistic, and I highly recommend buying one! To learn more or buy one of your own go here: #giveawayservice #ciftoys #firetruck #toy #review #amazon #siren
Heather Williamson Heather Williamson  

CifToys Fire Engine Truck Have you seen this cool fire engine? Do you have kids who love firetrucks and firemen? Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present? I know that my daughter loves this fire engine. I recently had the opportunity to be test out Ciftoys Fire Engine Truck. It has working lights and sirens. It does have a ladder that moves up and down. The ladder also rotates 360 degrees around. It moves on it’s own when the batteries are inserted in the vehicle and it is turned on. It is easy for little hands to use also. My daughter loves it. The only bad thing about it is there is no volume control and it can get very annoying. It is small and has a bump n’ go feature. It has small squishy parts that will break easily if your child is extremely hard on toys. At least it wasn’t overly expensive. You do get what you pay for. The company claims that it is for 3 year old children but I would suggest that you wait until the child is older and not so rough on their toys or you are going to have one upset little kid when it breaks. When it arrived at my house it was in good condition. It was in a retail box surrounded by a cardboard protector of some kind but was not really secured per say. I am glad that it did not break during shipping which was a concern after unpacking it. Order yours today here: *I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample product at a reduced price for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. *
Emily Parker Emily Parker  

Sorry I am a little late posting this one. This cute red firetruck is also interesting. The ladder can be raised and spins all the way around. It bumps and keeps on going also. It does make siren notices and has the flashing lights. I can't wait to see how they gonna act. (Yea they gonna fight over it)
Melissa Miller Melissa Miller  

Introducing The Realistic Fire Engine Truck Toy Ever-Unleash Your Child's Imagination Gift fire truck toys for 3 year old boys & girls. Does your kid have millions of toys and still seem bored? Looking for ways to keep your little boy or girl entertained? I can see you nodding! But... Not anymore...
Bailey Brandon Velikaneye Bailey Brandon Velikaneye  

I recently got my kiddos this fire truck
Surbhi Prapanna Surbhi Prapanna  

Festival season is just around the corner and we all will get busy in buying gifts for our dear and near ones. I am sure you all would agree that selecting a proper toy for smaller kids is a tricky one. they have less duration of attention span, and they get bored easily too. personally, I like gift educational toys to kids. it is really great that kids learn too, while play. and here is a cifytoys are here to help us. City toys made so many good educational toys for our little ones. this fire engine truck is one of them and can be used as a great gift option for 3-4-year-old kids. here are few highlighting features: 1. It looks really attractive, like a real fire engine truck. 2. It siren sounds are really great ( resemble to real one) 3. Lightweight 4. made of the hypoallergic material, safe for kids to play 5. Cost effective, too Cons I felt that the quality of construction material could have been better. I am not sure how durable it will be. If you want to know more about it, click here
Sherene Collins Sherene Collins  

Ciftoy’s Fire Truck Review... I use this for my nieces and nephews I have 18 and a grandniece! They visit and sleep over for entire weekends, so I get toys to entertain them. The younger ones range in age from 7 months to 12 years, so I received the fire truck on time when I was suppose to. I opened it and inserted nee batteries and it came to life, however, one disappoint is that the light don’t work on mine. My nieces and nephews of all age groups I listed both had a blast playing with the fire truck, it’s good for girls and boys. My nephew who is 8 months happened to hear the sirens, then see it moving, and became enthralled, but also was a little afraid. The older kids all played with it together, having so much fun. It moves around and of course makes the siren noises, as for quality, I thought it was good (of course there was the one issue of the lights not working as mentioned above). The fire truck is a creative idea and my seven year old nephew was obsessed, didn’t put it down and wanted to take it home. I do think it’s better for older children just because they can understand how to use it better. Overall I would recommend this product, it’s lots of fun, I played with also! I gave it four stars due to the lights not working, but other then that there was nothing I didn’t like about it! #ciftoysfireenginetoy #giveawayservice