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CifToys Children’s Take Apart Racing Car Kit –Fun & Educational 30-Pie... Promotion

Discover The Ultimate Car Building Play Set For Your Little Car Mechanic! Do you want to offer your child a fun, educational and high-quality take apart racing car set? Looking for an all-inclusive…

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CifToys Children’s Take Apart Racing Car Kit –Fun & Educational 30-Pie...

Discover The Ultimate Car Building Play Set For Your Little Car Mechanic! Do you want to offer your child a fun, educational and high-quality take apart racing car set? Looking for an all-inclusive car assembly toy for your kid? Now you don't have to settle for cheaply-made toy cars anymore! Presenting The CifToys Premium Take-A-Part Educational Toy Car For Children! Are you ready to spend endless hours of car building fun with your child? Roll up your sleeves and start constructing the most exciting, awesome-looking and colorful toy racing car! You have everything you need, from modification parts to a cool toy power drill, so you and your little mechanic can bond over a stunning take-a-part toy car! The Stimulating And Educational Design Will Allow Your Child To Develop • Fine Motor Skills • Hand-Eye Coordination • Spatial Skills • Problem-Solving Skills • Communication Skills And the best part? Promote your child's cognitive development and spend quality time with your little one by assembling and playing with the CifToys take-apart racecar! 30 Pieces & Toy Power Drill! Unlike other low-quality toy car building sets that come with just a few pieces and no tools, the CifToys elite take apart car set for kids includes 30 different assemblypieces and a safe toy power drill! Here's What's In The Box: • 5 x Car Parts • 5 x Modification Parts • 8 x Tires • Multiple Screws • 1 x Toy Power Drill Your Child's Safety Is Our Top Priority! This educational CifToys toy car building set is ideal for all aspiring car mechanics over the age of 3! Rest assured that the sturdy plastic pieces are 100% safe and hypoallergenic! What Are You Waiting For? Click "Add To Cart" NOW!

Tyler Edholm Tyler Edholm  

Received Another Package In The Mail. Couldn’t Be Happier. The First Start To Car Building. The Kit Even Comes With A Drill Included. It Is A Thirty Piece Car Kit. Makes Noises And Sounds From The Engine. Comes With Two Sets Of Wheels And Two Versions Of The Vehicle. Kids Will Be Entertained For Hours. Taking Apart The Shovel And Putting It Back Together Each Time A Different Way. The Engine Has An On And Off Switch For The Noise And Sounds. Overall I’m Very Happy With This Product And The Kids Approve.
Sara Thomas Sara Thomas  

This Is The Most Fun New Toy We Have Right Now. Kids Love Building And Enjoy Playing With Cars So This Is The Best Of Both Worlds. The Screw Driver Is Even Battery Powered Just Like Adults Use! I Cut Out The Back Of The Box So The Kids Can Look At It Doesn't Help, If Needed. I Also Cut Out A Picture Of The Finished Products For The Front. This Is The Best #sensoryplay. I Especially Encourage The Girls To Try, Sometimes Parents Don't Remember Girls Need To Be Hands On Activities Too. #ciftoys #takeapartcar This Would Make A Super Give For Ages 3-10. Check It Out At Https://
Maria Zarate Maria Zarate  

/ Great New Toy For The Builders In Your Life .

Discover The Ultimate Car Building Play Set For Your Little Car Mechanic! Do You Want To Offer Your Child A Fun, Educational And High-quality Take Apart Racing Car Set? Looking For An All-inclusive Car Assembly Toy For Your Kid? Now You Don't Have To Settle For Cheaply-made Toy Cars Anymore! Pres...
Sean Hornick Sean Hornick  

Got Lily A New Playset, A Car W Different Tires, Engine Etc And A Fake Drill That Runs On Batteries. Teach Her Young. She Absolutely Loves It And Has Taken It Apart A Million Times Over And Put It Back Together. Very Very Creative Kids Toy.
Katrina Huenniger Katrina Huenniger  

I Got This Car For Jackson. I Was Nervous He Would Be Too Young For It But He Isn't. Well...we Help Hold It And Show Him Where Pieces Go. It Is Perfect. What A Great Toy To Keep Him Busy And Provide Fine Motor Skills. He Can Take It Apart And Rebuild It Again And Again. Only Flaw Is That The Noise Goes Off And Doesn't Seem To Stop. You Have To Take It All The Way Apart To Reach The Off Switch. Https://
Aaron Kwok Aaron Kwok  

This Toy I Think Is Not Just A Toy, But An Education Toy Too. It Makes My 4 Years Old Niece To Think About How To Put This Together. Also It Has The Head Light And Sound Which Mean Him Think That It Is Not A Toy, But An Electronic Item That He Really Enjoy Putting It Together. I Also Like The Color Of This Car, It Is Very Colorful. Https://
Heidi Schaupp Heidi Schaupp  

Check Out This Must-have Gadget For Effortless Jar And Bottle Opening! Https://
Renea Greathouse Renea Greathouse  

**CifToys Take A Part Race Car Review**
Abigail Thomas Abigail Thomas  

I Received This Take Apart Racing Car Kit From CifToys. My 9 Year Old Son Christopher Had Fun Taking It Apart, And Putting It Back Together. There Are A Ton Of Moving Parts, And It Keep Him Thoroughly Entertained! The Reccomended Age Is 3 And Up, So This Toy Is Perfect For Any Kid With An Imagination. I Have Bought Toys From This Company Several Times And They Are Great To Work With. They Respond Fast And Go Out Of Their Way To Make Sure Each Of Their Customers Has A Great Experience! I Highly Recommend Them And This Toy, It Makes A Great Gift For Any Occasion And Is Sure To Inspire Hours Of Creative Fun! You Can Find Out More Or Buy One For Yourself Here: Https:// #giveawayservices #ciftoys #takeapartracecar
Trisha Kuster Trisha Kuster  

Great Gift Or Toy For Young Kids. It Lists Ages 3+ On The Box, But I Think It's More For Kids That Are Ages 5+ Due To The Size Of The Parts And What Needs To Be Done To Put The Toy Together. I Saw The Set And Knew It's Be Great For A Friend Of Mine's Children. :) This Is Perfect For Helping Children With Hand/eye Coordination. I Think It's Really Cool That It Lights Up And Also Makes Noises. A Great Toy For Kid's Imagination!! #sponsored #receivedproductforreview
Ken Coffman Ken Coffman  

Https:// My 4 Year Old Daughter Fell In Love With This Toy And Played With For At Least An 2 Hours Straight When She First Got It, She Just Kept Taking It Apart And Putting It Back Together. This Set Is Intricate To Help Fine Motor Skills But Simple Enough For A 4 Year Old To Assemble And Disassemble By Themselves.
Oana Muresan Oana Muresan  

Have You Guys Tried Giveaway Service Yet? If Not, Definitely Check Them Out! They Add New Products All The Time That You Can Get At A Great Discount (or Even Free!) And All You Have To Do In Return Is Give Your Honest Opinion About The Products In Reviews On Amazon Or Social Media. For Example, Most Of My Son's Toys Are Now From This Website Including His Latest, A Take-Apart Racing Car Kit, That He's Been Loving Using. It's Fun To Play With And The Pieces Are Large Enough That They Aren't A Threat For Little Kids. I Love That It Also Has Lights And Sound (although They Are In Kind Of A Terrible Place). Even So, I'm Going To Be Using This Site Again For Everything From Toys To Towels.
Becky Salrin Becky Salrin  

I Ordered This Take Apart Car On Amazon. It’s So Neat! The Car Comes Completely Apart For The Kids To Be Put Back Together Again. It Even Lights Up! Definitely Keeps Farrah Entertained For Quite A While! #ciftoysracingcar #5stars #freeforreview

Talk About A Toy For All Ages! WOW, "CifToys' Take Apart Racing Car Kit" IS That Toy! The Kit Pieces Are All Solid, Sturdy And Possess Good Durably- Traits Needed For Standing Up To Childrens' Playtime. #ciftoysracingcarThe CifToys Elite Take Apart Car Set For Kids Includes 30 Different Assembly Pieces And A Safe Toy Power Drill! My Picture Illustrates The Universality Of Play And Family Time This Great Toy Has Brought My Family- My 17 Year Old Daughter, 25 Year Old Son, 3 Year Old GrandDaughter And 7 Year Old GrandSon Are All Working Together And Having A Nice Time! Try This Great Kit Yourself Here: Https:// 8
Brittney Bramlette Brittney Bramlette  

Sooo... Mom Mistake Number One Is Getting 1 Cliftoy Car When You Have 2 Kids! Logical Me Thought I Could Get Away With It Because Jayce And Alden Have Plenty Of Toys In Their Room To Play With, But The Moment This One Came In The Mail They Were Fighting Over Who Got To Play With It First!
Allie Berg Allie Berg  

This Is Absolutely Going To Be The Hot New Toy. Helping With Fine Motor Skills And An All Around Great Hands On Activity Makes Your Little Builder Feel Accomplished While Having Fun! It's Like Being On A Racetrack For Toddler Excitement. Hours Of Taking Apart And Putting Together Fun At An Excellent Price! Https://
Jeffrey Thomas Jeffrey Thomas  

This Is A Great Gift For A Young Child Who Is Inclined To Want To Repair And Tinker With Things. My Daughter Loves Pretending To Put Things Together And Then Take Them Apart. I Know This Is A Bit More Of A 'boys' Toy But Thought She Would Really Like It. When I Gave It To Her Her Eyes Got Really Big. She Was Anxious To Open It And Work With It. She Played With It For Almost Two Hours Straight That Day And Played With It Consistently Since. I Bought A Zippered Bag To Put All The Pieces Back In So She Does Not Lose Any. All The Parts Are Well Made And None Of The Plastic Feels Cheap Or That It Might Break.Since My Daughter Can Be Rough On Toys This Is Great. As I Right This She Is Taking It Apart And Changing The Design Up. I Think She Loves To Be Able To Have Complete Control Over Doing Her Own Little Project. But She Still Like Helping Me Do Little Projects Around The House. Great Product For An Awesome Price.
Kimberly Meyer Kimberly Meyer  

Https:// Logan And Roman Love This Take A Part Race Car! Logan Sat For Over An Hour Taking It Apart And Putting It Back Together! Roman Loved The Drill Lol.
Angela Rockwell Angela Rockwell  

CifToys Take Apart Racing Car Kit Did You Enjoy Putting Together Model Car Kits As A Child? Were You Involved In The Soap Box Derby? Do You Enjoy Going To Or Watching Car Races? Would You Like To Develop A Love For Cars In Your Child? What A Great Way To Start Your Child Develop A Love Of Vehicles With The Colorful CifToys Take Apart Racing Car Kit. Included In The Kit Are 30 Pieces And A Safe Toy Power Drill, All Part Of The Ultimate Car Building Set. To Purchase Your CifToys Take Apart Racing Car Kit: Https:// #ciftoysracingcar #ciftoys #problemsolvingskills #finemotorskills #communicationskills #eyehandcoordination #spatialskills #buddingmechanic #giftideas
Jen Schiffman Jen Schiffman  

I've Been Getting Some Awesome Stuff Lately In Exchange For Reviews (lord Knows I Love Free Stuff!). One Thing I've Gotten Is This Awesome Take Apart Car. This Will Be Given To My Nephew. I'm So Excited To See Him Get In Touch With His Inner Mechanic! Https:// The Next Thing Is Going To Be A Gift For His Little Brother Who's Coming In May. It's Much More Appropriate For A Little Guy. It's Pretty Awesome, You Push The Top Down And It Propels It Forward. Https:// Can't Wait To See My Sweet Nephews Playing With Their Awesome New Toys. Thanks City Of Toys!!
Rebecca Kennen Rebecca Kennen  

This Toy Is An Excellent ;earning Tool For Eye And Hand Coordination! It Comes With A Realistic Drill And It Allows You To Create Your Own Car You Want With The Pieces Provided. It Even Makes Real Car Noises, You Just Have To Make Sure You Turn It On Before You Assemble The Car. This Company Was Also A Great Company To Work With! #producttester #CifToys Https://
Monique Watkins Monique Watkins  

Discover The Ultimate Car Building Play Set For Your Little Car Mechanic! Do You Want To Offer Your Child A Fun, Educational And High-quality Take Apart Racing Car Set? Looking For An All-inclusive Car Assembly Toy For Your Kid? Now You Don't Have To Settle For Cheaply-made Toy Cars Anymore! Pres...
Christine Lee Christine Lee  

I Recently Received A Discount To Purchase And Evaluate A Take Apart Car Toy. Here's My Review Of The Toy: Such A Great Learning Toy. I Purchased This Car For My Nephew Who Is Turning 4 Soon, And He Is Quite Excited About This Car. I Have Purchased Another Brand Take Apart Car For My Own Child When He Was Smaller, But My, They've Really Made Quite A Bit Of Advances Since Then. It Includes The Standard Toy Power Drill That Can Go Forward Or Reverse And Screws, But This One Takes It A Step Further By Integrating Light And Sound Into The Toy. This Makes It Really Attractive To The Children. What's More Is That You Can Customize This To Be A Basic Car Or A Sportier Car By Adding Spoilers, Wheel Enhancements, Etc. Just Like Real World Mods For Cars. Great For Learning How To Take Apart And Put Together Things And Also Great For Fine Motor Skills. I Can See This Toy As A Great Toy For Young Child To Play And Learn Alongside Their Parents And Would Be Fun For Any Boy Or Girl. Material Seems Durable And Will Definitely Hold Up To Lots Of Play. Toy Was Delivered Very Quickly And Would Also Make A Great Gift. Https://
Kelly Moffitt Kelly Moffitt  

Got This Car For Oliver And He Loves It!!! He Can Take It Apart And Put It Together. The Car Can Light Up And Make Noise. It Keeps Him Entertain For At-least And Hour And If Not More. If You Have A Little One That Loves Cars And Taking Stuff Apart. I Would Get Them This Car. They Also Have Other Cars As Well. But We Went With This Car! Oh And It Comes With The Tools To Take It Apart.