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Children's Book: Print Version Promotion

A book to read to your child (recommended age: 4-8 years).

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Children Book: Print Version

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A book to read to your child (recommended age: 4-8 years).

My name is Charlie. I am the guard dog in auntie Elizabeth's yard. This year Olivia came to stay with us during the Summer. At first she was a little scared when she saw me, but then we became good friends. Olivia was very afraid of the night and of the thieves. Auntie Elizabeth put me in charge when she went to see a movie. And then it happened. The lights went off, we explored the night and the thief arrived. If you want to know who we met in the dark, how I almost caught the thief and if Olivia is still afraid of the dark then you will have to read the book. Wuff!