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Cheeky Cherub, Natural Organic Luxe Spray Promotion

A little luxury for your precious baby. For daily use to prevent and soothe mild rashes and skin irritations.

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Cheeky Cherub, Natural Organic Luxe Spray

A little luxury for your precious baby. As a meticulous scientist and momma to 3 cherished children (with one still in cloth diapers), I developed an effective and convenient diaper rash spray salve for my kids and now for you, the busy on-the-go super mom (or dad!).

For daily use to prevent and soothe mild rashes and skin irritations. Moisturizes, heals and protects delicate skin (with no rubbing of sensitive parts needed). Hygienic, patent-pending hands free application of a luxurious blend of organic and nutrient rich, preservative free, emollient salve.

One or two mess-free spritzes on your baby's clean tushy (after using Rose-y Cheeks Cleansing Mist: and you're done! Your hands stay clean. Can be shared--use the same bottle on twins, even triplets or more for the super blessed parents.

So safe, every single ingredient used is from edible plants. Not intended for consumption. External use only. We send every batch to an independent lab for testing. Sumptuous and rich natural ingredients: Organic Argan Oil (exquisite serum for skin), Organic Grapeseed Oil (used in high end creams), Organic Coconut Oil (super healthy), Olive Squalane (your skin makes this protective lipid), Moringa Oil (a superfood), essential oils of edible plants with aromatherapeutic properties--smells delicious! Vegan, preservative free, no parabens, no cheap fillers, no artificial anything, only premium luxe ingredients (packed with lush, organic, cold-pressed, virgin plant extracts/oils). Compatible with cloth diapers (better for babies and environment) and disposable diapers. Throw this cute but durable bottle (because it's metal with a BPA-free spray head) in your diaper bag as you hop to your next family destination!