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Cast Iron Scrubber Promotion

Clean your cast ironware fast and easy with the cast iron cleaning set!

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Cast Iron Scrubber

Cast Iron Cleaning Set, Cast Iron Scrubber, Silicone Handle Holder, 2 Scrapers Cast Iron Cleaning Set
Clean your cast ironware fast and easy with the cast iron cleaning set! The chainmail cast iron scrubber extends the life of seasoned cookware by not scraping or scratching. The stainless steel scrubber is an excellent addition to your kitchen accessory items. All items in the set are dishwasher safe, so reuse often!

Includes (1) 6x6 inch stainless steel cast iron scrubber (1) Silicone hot handle holder (1) Pan scraper with curved edge design (1) Grill scraper for grill and griddles

The premium quality cast iron skillet scrubber is the perfect size that fits in your hand to clean cookware. The chainmail scrubber allows you to clean off debris so easy without affecting the seasoning on you cast iron cookware. The cast iron scrubber is the best cast iron cookware cleaner. The silicone hot handle holder allows you to grab and move around your cookware while still cooking on the stove. It is a great addition for the cast iron pan cleaner set. The pan scraper is uniquely designed to reach those hard-to-clean curves in your pots and pans. A great cast iron pan cleaner so get into those curves and scrape out food particles. The grill scraper is designed with teeth on two sides to easily clean food particles off your grill or griddle pan. Another great addition to the cast iron cookware cleaner set.>
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