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Casa Pura JOY Premium Entrance Mat - Beige, 41" X 72" Promotion

Durable high twist nylon pile0.35 inches thick, ultra absorbentNon-slip rubber backing - creates a safer home environmentSuited for both indoor and outdoor useMachine washable at 40°C…

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Casa Pura JOY Premium Entrance Mat - Beige, 41" X 72"

Durable high twist nylon pile

0.35 inches thick, ultra absorbent

Non-slip rubber backing - creates a safer home environment

Suited for both indoor and outdoor use

Machine washable at 40°C / 104°F

Long lasting reliability

Consisting of an ultra-absorbent high twist nylon pile, these mats are designed to effectively stop dirt, water and grease from ever reaching your floor. Their highly absorbent properties not only preserve your floor, but also keep your home safe and clean. A durable rubber backing which provides advanced non-slip properties prevents any movement and creates a safer home environment. The edging which surrounds the mat provides added stability and reduces the risk of trips or slips

Practical and compatible - With multiple colors to choose from, these mats are suitable for any type of setting, be it traditional or contemporary. The wide range of color/size options, coupled with advanced construction make this mat the No.1 choice for both homes and businesses.