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Car Mount, Aiven&Co Universal GPS - Multifunctional Phone Holder Promotion

Say goodbye to magnetic holders that are harmful to your device!

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Car Mount, Aiven&Co Universal GPS - Multifunctional Phone Holder

Say goodbye to magnetic holders that are harmful to your device! Car Mount, Aiven&Co will take care of your phone!

You can lay it on car dashboard for car holder,provide a good view and conveniently when driving. Product made of silicone material without magnet

New Silicone, Cell Phone Gps in Car Mount Holder Dock Cradle is the right choice for you - save your phone from drops, you deserve this convenience

It can be rotated 360 degree, safely go anywhere they need to Vibration resistance is a strong feature of the 360 degree rotating car mobile phone holder and enjoys a good reputation in the market.

Aiven&Co Car holder is convenient in all respects and has a number of useful features:
• Compact size allows to locate the stand as on a car dashboard or on your desktop.
• The ability not to overload the hands of the working device will save much time.
• Simple system operation enables to use the stand even for young children.

Our product has perhaps the most important for YOU is of course all the included amenities:
• Lightness and compactness provide a comfortable use in any location.
• Stylish design fits perfectly into any interior.
• Fast delivery will help to quickly forget about the discomfort

ONE YEAR WARRANTY With 100% Satisfaction, If you have any question ,please contact us immediately and we will be happy to exchange it or refund you the total amount. Time solve the problem and the answer YOU - exactly three hours. We really appreciate your feedback and trust! Always with you Aiven&Co

Package include:
• the first part is a SILICON PAD on the lower part of the base
• the second part is PHONE HOLDER PARTS, fits over the front part of the base!
• the last item is the BASIC Just click on add to cart to order this AMAZING accessory for your car!