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Bru Joy Garlic Press Stainless Steel With Cleaning Brush Promotion

Smart Cooks Best Investment! With Bru Joy Garlic Press, Crushing garlic cloves is as easy as 1, 2, 3! No more stinking hands!

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Bru Joy Garlic Press Stainless Steel With Cleaning Brush

Smart Cooks Best Investment! With Bru Joy Garlic Press, Crushing Garlic Cloves Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

No more stinking hands! Imagine, you are busying cooking and need to add some juicy garlic mince into that yummy dish. You simply pop in an unpeeled garlic clove into Bru Joy Garlic Press' big garlic chamber, press the two easy-grip-handles to give it a good squeeze, beautifully crushed garlic mince all coming out from the holes effortlessly. You flick open the mince head to take out the skins and give the chamber a quick rinse or pop the garlic press into dish-washer. That's it! You enjoy fresh garlic pulp with a breeze!

The Only Garlic Press That Comes With A Lifetime Warranty!


1. Saves you money. Made of unbreakable, heavy duty stainless steel from head to toe, Bru Joy garlic press is the last garlic press you ever need to buy!
2. Saves you time: Producing juicy garlic mince in seconds. Bru Joy Garlic Press is extremely simple to use.
3. Easy to clean Not only dishwasher-safe, best part is that the mince head flicks open for easy skins-removal.
4. No more smelly hands - you don't need to peel garlic anymore!
5. The end of bland cooking. Add hassle free fresh garlic to your meals everyday!

What Others Say:

"This is the best garlic press I have ever owned. So easy to use and so easy to clean."

"Not flimsy at all, I expect it to last for a really long time."

"Works for peeled AND unpeeled (so convenient!)"

"Excellent product! Worth every penny! Best purchase we have made in a long time."

Don't wait, get yours today, you will love it!

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