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Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Gourmet Dog Treats Promotion

These are single ingredient freeze-dried chicken liver treats made in the USA. A big bag of approx 240 gourmet grain-free, filler-free treats!

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Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Gourmet Dog Treats

A premium, healthy treat for your best friend! Suitable for obedience training, leash training, snacks and rewards these freeze-dried chicken liver treats are a gourmet treat. They are made in the USA from USDA approved meat, and contain a single ingredient - chicken liver - no filler, grains, dyes, antibiotics, or other hidden nasties. Brave Beagle treats do not need to be prepped, cut or refrigerated. They are easy to store in a resealable US-made pouch that stands up independently. They are low calorie - four calories each means a small dog can enjoy 2 to 4 per day or a large dog 6 to 8. That means these packs of 240 treats go a long way!