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Brain Fit Promotion

Perfect for brain health and mental acuity.

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Brain Fit

Perfect for brain health and mental acuity. Natural nootropic that boosts clarity and provides neuroprotective properties that will keep you sharp and on top of your game for years to come.
Increased blood flow to the brain promotes cognitive function which allows for deeper and faster comprehension. Ginkgo biloba helps more blood flow to the brain. Phosphatidylserine supports brain function while stimulating brain cells. DMAE. ALCAR (acetyl l-carnitine) promotes fatty acid metabolism.
St. Johns Wort has been shown to lower stress and anxiety. Studies show that Bacopa improves study subjects ability to retain new information and increase their visual processing speed in as little as 3 weeks! Huperzine A and Vinpocetine are known to increase information retention and mental energy.
Add all these ingredients together and you have a powerful, synergistic combination that will find you performing at the top of your game no matter which field you choose. Perfect for law enforcement, military, firefighters, CEOs, Doctors, and any other professional that needs to achieve peak performance on a routine basis.