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Bonké Water Bottle Promotion

Start drinking healthy - try infused water!

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Bonké Water Bottle


Women should drink about 1.6 liters of fluid per day, while men should drink 2.0 liters.

Forget sugary, soft and fizzy drinks, which are high in acids, sugar and calories!

Start drinking healthy - try infused water!

• 100% Leak proof: You're never at risk of spilling your infused water on your car's seat, on furniture or inside your handbag or sports bag!

• Fits most car holders: You don't have to stress about whether or not it will fit your car holder!

• The bottle is geared up with an extra safe locking system that prevents spills and leaks.

• 32 oz bottle will perfectly fit your fruits and leave plenty of room for water and ice!

• The Bonke Fruit Infuser has been engineered to let water pass very easily. No more struggling to drink your freshly infused water!

• Thanks to its large mouth, cleaning the bottle is a breeze.

• Enjoy your infused water without any bothersome bubbles!

• No water specific taste! You want fruit-infused water, and you'll have it - that's a promise.

• So easy to drink! Just remove the stainless steel hoop, open the lid, and enjoy your healthy drink!

Combat Dehydration with the Bonke Bottle, you can now decide what you want to drink each day! The choice is yours! Take it wherever you go - running, cycling, yoga, on camping, to work, even to college!

Bonuses & Gifts

Free cleaning brush in a package and free recipes for your infused water on our website!