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Body Shaper For Party Nights Promotion

Works with your summer-super-mini dress.

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Body Shaper For Party Nights

This shaper is made for warm summer nights, short dresses and comfort during hot parties. It uses a 2-layer design to create a strong shaping effect and at the same time a lightweight, comfortable feeling. The outer layer uses our Ska Studio special fiber "Lycra" that does the bodywork. It accentuates curves and is responsible for your hourglass waist. The inner layer uses Colombian cotton, which can store up to 20 times its weight in water. This is enough to get you through a whole night of dancing under the stars. For even more convenience we use a front zipper and an smaller opening in a place that makes this body shaper very comfortable in the bathroom.

The last little challenge we have to tackle is to get the size right. That's why you have the opportunity to participate in a giveaway of 5 new Summer-Party-Night-Body Shapers. When you participate we send you a discount code to place a heavily discounted order on Based on your order size and our statistics we mail to you the body shaper we believe fits you best. Then you let us know if it fits and if it doesn't we replace it with another size until it fits. At the end you write us a nice review on the product website and with a little luck everyone is very happy by then.

Let's do it!