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Bluetooth Headphones, Otium® Wireless Sport Earbuds Promotion

Great for running, jogging, hiking, biking, gym etc.

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  People Can Apply:  07/06/2016 - 07/08/2016

  Final Approval Date:  07/08/2016

  Final Shipment Date:  07/10/2016

  Retail purchase price:  $ 35.99

  Discounted purchase price:  $ 1.99

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Bluetooth Headphones, Otium® Wireless Sport Earbuds

1. Best workout sweatproof bluetooth headphones. Great for Running, Jogging, Hiking, Biking, Gym etc.

2. Quality headset and Bluetooth V4.1+EDR for best stereo sound and superb bass sound.

3. Music playing for full battery charge. Super quick charge time with full charge light indication.

4. Technology with voice notification of incoming calls.

5. Allows Skip/Play/Pause on your music tracks as well as all phone use without reaching your phone.