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Bluetooth Bulb LED Lighting Speaker Promotion

Sell at a fixed time! First come first served!

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  People Can Apply:  06/14/2017 - 06/21/2017

  Final Approval Date:  07/29/2017

  Final Shipment Date:  07/31/2017

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  Discounted purchase price:  $ 14.99

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Bluetooth Bulb LED Lighting Speaker

APP Contorl: Remote control by APP (iOS /Android available),Bluetooth 4.0 ensure low engery consuption, high speed transfer, stable. It could recall the recent connected device.Bluetooth distance:10 meters without barriers
Operating: Connect app by bluetooth to turn on-off,change color, set up alarm clock
Music playing: play music stored in mobile phone
Lighting:cool white, warm white , colorful light
Voltage:85 – 265V AC, Power:5W

Michelle Bowen Michelle Bowen  

I Love This Speaker! It's Very Loud Compared To Other Speakers That I've Tried And The Bluetooth Easily Sets Up Through The App. I Also Love The Ability To Adjust The Light Pattern Through The App. Such A Great Item! I'll Definitely Buy More :) Https:// I Received This Bluetooth Speaker/light Bulb At A Discount, In Exchange For My Honest Review .
Tami Winbush Tami Winbush  

I Tried Out The (Bluetooth Bulb LED Lighting Speaker Controlled By APP With Mesh, Household E27 Socket 5W Music Play Colorful Rhythm Cool White Warm White Colorful Light Wireless Speakers) Https:// But I Was Not A Big Fan Of It At First. Here Are The Reasons Why: 1. The Print On The Instructions Were Not Even Clear With My Bifocals. I Mean - Really! 2. The Instructions (once You Figured Them Out) Were Not At All Intuitive, I Personally Gave Up On It And Called My Boyfriend Over. He Has An Associates Degree In Computer Science And Had A Heck Of A Time Getting It To Work... BUT Ones You Got It Working - Holy Hell Is It Loud. It Was Quite Impressive. I'm Contemplating Getting A Lamp For My Bathroom So I Can Listen To My Audiobooks In There While I Am Taking A Shower. I'm Also Not Too Happy That It Doesn't Work With The Echo. I'd Be So Happy If It Did. I'd Probably Replace The Bulbs That I Have Currently In The Living Room (or Maybe Only One Of Them. But As Is, I'm Not Sure I'd Buy Them Again.
Jose Monroy Jose Monroy  

I Love This Speaker! It's Very Loud.The Bluetooth Easily Sets Up Through The App. I Also Love The Ability To Adjust The Light Pattern Through The App.This A Is 5 Star
J. Nicole Whitner J. Nicole Whitner  

I've Been Looking For One Of These For A While. I've Cycled Through Cheap Speakers To Be Able To Listen To Podcasts And Music From My IPhone While In The Shower Specifically. I Couldn't Find Anything That I Could Hear Over The Water. I Saw A Similar Product On An HGTV Show And Thought It Was A Great Idea! I Was Happy To Swap Out One Of My Vanity Bulbs For This One. I Had A Little Trouble Connecting To It At First, And The App Doesn't Give You A Lot Of Info, But I Eventually Figured It Out. Definitely A Useful Product.