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Bluetooth Bulb LED Lighting Speaker PEIME DAY PRICE

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Bluetooth Bulb LED Lighting Speaker PEIME DAY PRICE

APP Contorl: Remote control by APP (iOS /Android available),Bluetooth 4.0 ensure low engery consuption, high speed transfer, stable. It could recall the recent connected device.Bluetooth distance:10 meters without barriers
Operating: Connect app by bluetooth to turn on-off,change color, set up alarm clock
Music playing: play music stored in mobile phone
Lighting:cool white, warm white , colorful light
Voltage:85 – 265V AC, Power:5W

Jordan Moseley Jordan Moseley  

Https:// Well Made, Has A Little Weight To It. App Is Easy To Use For Each Individuals Use. Speaker Aspect Is Awesome! Great Loud Sound And Very Clear. Light Color Is Crisp. However, Do Not Plan On Using This As Your Main Room Light, It Is Not Too Bright.