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BikeAnything Thermal Skull Cap Promotion

Windproof Soft Shell forehead protection with elastic binding on edges,Will not lose shape, form or stretch out

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BikeAnything Thermal Skull Cap

1. Fleece

2. Imported

3. 85% Polyester,15% spandex.

4. One size fits most men and women.

5. Windproof Soft Shell forehead protection with elastic binding on edges,Will not lose shape, form or stretch out.

6. Dedicated to keeping your head warm, dry, and comfortable during cool weather rides.

7. Essential: a warming, extremely elastic cap that can be worn under the helmet. Doesn`t irritate or restrict the wearer, and is highly compact for easy packing.

Elevate Your Biking Experience With BikeAnything!

Winter riding can be pleasant with the the BikeAnythinge Thermal Skull Cap. It shouldn't come as a surprise that cold water racing requires cold water protection. It's for this very reason that BikeAnythinge created the Thermal Skull Cap here.

Slim enough to fit under a helmet, the Thermal Skull Cap features BikeAnything's new fabric manufacturing technique that greatly enhances it's P. R. O. Thermal fleece's porousness and surface area. This is perfect for quickly spreading perspiration throughout the cap and efficiently evaporating it. You'll enjoy not only added warmth, but enhanced moisture management.

In terms of fit,BikeAnything incorporated a flexible central panel along the top of the head. And as a result, the Skull Cap is conforming to most head shapes and sizes. Securing this fit, the cap extends over the ears and down into an integrated chin strap. This piece is soft and malleable, providing exceptional fit without inducing abrasion.

Product Details:

Size : One size fits all

Color : Black


Material : Fleece

Code : BK-YCF05