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Bed Light Motion Sensor Strip Light Kit Promotion

Dimmable brightness. No glare to wake others, 5 level of brightness, perfect for the light sleepers.

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Bed Light Motion Sensor Strip Light Kit

Forpow Motion Activated Led Strip Bed Light is With the smart sensor which detects both light and movement,a warm light will illuminate your room as your foot touches the floor, to guide you through the room and not disturb others. Easy installation, no tools required.

- Dimmable Brightness-No glare to wake others, 5 level of Brightness, perfect for the light sleepers.
-Auto on/off,Good Sensitivity - No kicking more time,as soon as get up and start walking towards the bathroom, it activates. You can set the on-time of the light at 30 seconds or 10 minutes. Light shuts off automatically if no motion is detected
- Feeling Safe At Night - No fear from tripping over things in the dark. As you hit the floor,light's up. softly illuminated to guide you through the room.
- ADJUSTABLE - Motion sensor sensitivity could be adjusted,Lighting time could also be adjusted from 30 sec to 10 min.
- Easy to installed & Multipurpose- Stick onto dry and clean surface under the bedside with 3M adhensive tape.Suitable for indoor applications like kitchen,hallway,cabinet,under bed,closet.

What is included:
1x Motion sensor (one white and one Pink)
1x1.4M LED Strip light(warm white or RGB)
1x Power supply
3xCable clips
1xLED Dimmer