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Beard Brush For Men Promotion

100% pure boar bristles beard brush with no added plastic, synthetic, or nylon bristles.

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Beard Brush For Men

Gentlemen’s Tools- beard brush is what you are looking for! We guarantee it and so do all of our customers.

100% Premium Boar Bristles Means a More Confident Man

Let's put your fears to rest right away - this is a 100% pure boar bristles beard brush with no added plastic, synthetic, or nylon bristles. The brush fits satisfyingly in the palm of your hand and is built to last with a sturdy compact design.

Gentlemen’s Tools beard brush features:

Made with 100% natural wild boar bristles of the finest grade - Unlike a lot of our competitors , our brush does not contain a single synthetic piece of bristles
Firm, natural boar bristles massages and stimulates skin to distribute natural oils with ease
Black bristles are natural boar hair and provide the perfect balance between stiffness and comfort
Manage to get any beard style
Handle is made of the highest quality Eco friendly natural bamboo
Fits nicely in your hand and is small enough for a travel kit or pocket
Packaged in a fine cardboard gift box
Works well with beard balm, oil and wax
Can be used on wet, dry or oiled beards

The Perfect Gift to Others or Yourself

This beard brush is sure to make for a memorable birthday gift, Father's Day gift, graduation gift, anniversary gift or holiday gift for yourself or that bearded someone in your life. Treat yourself or those you love to the gift of premium beard care!

Worry Free Shopping

Your purchase will be backed by a LIFETIME. No-Hassle, Free Replacement Guarantee! We want you to be 100% HAPPY so if there is an issue with your product for any reason we will Refund you.

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Rob Ashley Rob Ashley  

Thanks Big Boys Design PLC for the beard comb and boar bristle brush! Comb was a bit too blunt to work well with my beard, but the brush works amazingly well. You don't get that kind of loft in a beard using your momma's hair brush!
Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

Ashley Sue Bullers Ashley Sue Bullers  

OK. So, My Man Has This Amazing Beard. Pre-trend, He Was Rocking The Lumberjack Look. - Recently, #BigBoyDesignsLLC Sent Him This #swank #GentlemensTools #beardcomb And #beardbrush. THEY ARE SO COOL! Marc Actually Was Impressed! The Packaging Makes It Perfect For Gifts, And The Products Are S.t.u.n.n.i.n.g. Solid Wood, Laser Cut With Their Name. Gorgeous, Soft Leather. Boar Bristle. - OK. I'm Completely Into #sparkly, Girl Life - But This Is #dapper! Stuff Like This Makes Me Think Maybe Guys Can Have As Much Fun As Girls! I Know At Least Three Guys In My Life That Will Be Getting Sets Of These For Christmas. - DID I SAY HOW PRETTY THESE ARE?!
Amy Kern Amy Kern  

David got the pleasure to do a review for me on a beard brush. He really like the brush he said after he got the knots out. The brush worked wonderfully. It did not pull this hair. It made his beard look fabulous after use. The brush is made from 100% Boar Bristles. It from Big boys Design LLC. #beardbrush
Amy Kern Amy Kern  

David Got The Pleasure To Do A Review For Me On A Beard Brush. He Really Like The Brush He Said After He Got The Knots Out. The Brush Worked Wonderfully. It Did Not Pull This Hair. It Made His Beard Look Fabulous After Use. The Brush Is Made From 100% Boar Bristles. It From Big Boys Design LLC. #beardbrush Https://
Ann Blackwell Ann Blackwell  

This beard brush is very soft and does not pull hard at your beard. I got this at a discount. #brush #beard #gentelmen #gentelmenstools #wooden #discount
Ann Blackwell Ann Blackwell  

Really Great Beard Brush. Does Not Tug Or Pull. Great For Sensitive Skin. Love The Look Of It Also. Works Great With Beard Oil. #promo Http://
Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

Gentlemen's Tools- Beard Brush Is What You Are Looking For! We Guarantee It And So Do All Of Our Customers. 100% Premium Boar Bristles Means A More Confident ManLet's Put Your Fears To Rest Right Away - This Is A 100% Pure Boar Bristles Beard Brush With No Added Plastic, Synthetic, Or Nylon Brist...
Rob Ashley Rob Ashley  

Gentlemen's Tools - Beard Comb With Crazy Horse Leather Case Pouch Is What You Are Looking For! We Guarantee It And So Do All Of Our Customers. 100% Sandalwood And Real Crazy Horse Leather Means A More Confident Man. Let's Put Your Fears To Rest Right Away - This Is A 100% Sandalwood Beard Comb W...
Ashley Sue Bullers Ashley Sue Bullers  

OK. So, my man has this amazing beard. Pre-trend, he was rocking the lumberjack look. - Recently, #BigBoyDesignsLLC sent him this #swank @GentlemensTools #beardcomb and #beardbrush. THEY ARE SO COOL! Marc actually was impressed! The packaging makes it perfect for gifts, and the products are s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g. Solid wood, laser cut with their name. Gorgeous, soft leather. Boar bristle. - OK. I'm completely into #sparkly, girl life - but this is #dapper! Stuff like this makes me think maybe guys can have as much fun as girls! I know at least three guys in my life that will be getting sets of these for Christmas. - DID I SAY HOW PRETTY THESE ARE?!