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Beach Blanket Promotion

Large Outdoor Best Beach Blanket by Fjord Pro - HUGE 7' x 9' Feet Dimensions - 6+1 Sand Pockets Anchors - The Oversized Sandproof & Durable Nylon Picnic Mat For The Family - Quality Beach Accessories

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Beach Blanket

- LUXURY SIZE YET COMPACT DESIGN: With astounding 7' x 9' feet dimension, you will get to experience what OVERSIZED blanket, really means! Fjord pro's sand proof beach blanket can provide the practical solution to every beach trip and can easily accommodate the whole family! Plus, despite its HUGE size, you can easily fold it and easily store it away without any worries as it is made of durable nylon material!
- ENDLESS STORAGE CAPABILITY: Our outdoor blanket features 6 sand pockets, 4 big corner pockets and 2 middle central pockets where you can easily put sand for the blanket to stay in place, or store all your beach accessories and valuables you have without any problem! Does that not sound enough? Well, our beach blanket has AN EXTRA VELCRO POCKET. Simply put, our outdoor blanket's storage capability is unmatched.
- 100% DURABLE NYLON BUILD: Our beach blankets are built to last and withstand many years of use! Our outdoor blankets are made of 100% Durable Nylon, a heavy duty material that still remains ultra-lightweight and breathable! And the best part? Nylon is sandproof, with nothing but a shake, you can easily get rid of all the sand once you are done enjoying your bath!
- AN ALL-AROUND SOLUTION: Our beach mat is ideal for any outdoor activity! Grab it with you whenever you go hiking, organize a picnic, go camping or whenever you want to go out to a park and enjoy the day! Our blankets can be easily folded into a compact size that can be carried everywhere and once deployed, it can give you all the luxurious space you need, to comfortably sit on!
- 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We simply know you won't find a better beach blanket deal available, that's how much we believe in our product! That's why we give you a 100 Days Money Back & Replacement Guarantee for you to try and experience first-hand how awesome our blanket is! Don't let this risk-free deal slip away!