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Be a Smarter And Safer Biker With These Awesome Mirrors Promotion

BEST SAFETY COMPANION: You wouldn't drive your car without rear vision mirrors, why would you not have a bicycle rearview mirror? It just makes sense. A MUST HAVE for kids bikes accessories!

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Be a Smarter And Safer Biker With These Awesome Mirrors

Ever wondered why, while travelling on highways, some people keep coming in the way as if they have no eyes (Behind them!)? Accidents don't warn before coming. So be warned about the dangers coming from behind with the uniquely designed rear view mirrors from SafT! Large, easy-to-fit, and easily adjustable rear view mirror on your bike is the fine line between life and death.Does your rear view mirror spoil the look and feel of your bike?These mirrors are designed to fit on almost any standard bikes and bicycles and provide a large field of view so that you know exactly what is behind you. Comfortable viewing and comfortable adjustments are the key features of this product.


• Unique and large mirror

• Easily and comfortably adjustable

• Fits very easily on the metal handle of your bike/bicycle if fitted properly

• Easy-to-use and comes with user friendly Instructions Manual


• 2x Bike Mirrors

Get your Rear View Mirror NOW and make your ride safer, smoother and trendy!