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BBQ tool set big combo for cooking barbecue baking promotion

Create Succulent Meats Bursting With Flavor in Minutes

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BBQ tool set big combo for cooking barbecue baking

BBQ GLOVES - MAXIMUM PROTECTION Unlike Any Other Silicone Gloves On The Market - No-Slip Five Finger Exclusive Flame Design To Allow Safe Movement Of Hot Items With a Strong Grip!

MEAT INJECTOR - Made out of high quality stainless steel, will last a long time and will penetrate the toughest cuts of meat.Includes 2 6" needles, one for liquid marinade and one for minced marinades.

BONUS OFFER - Two BBQ meat handler forks for free!

BEAR CLAWS - PULL, SHRED & LIFT: Perfect for pulling pork, shredding chicken, lifting turkey, tossing salads, and more!