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Bath Bombs Promotion

Makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, baby shower, marriage and much more.

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Bath Bombs

- BEST RELAXING FEELING - Are you having a hard day at work or at school? Treat yourself with a hot cozy bath and put 1 magic Bath Bomb on your tub and just relax and feel how the stress goes out from your body slowly.

- 6 UNIQUE BATH BOMBS - The Best Set of Bath Bombs on Amazon. This included 3 different colors yellow, pink and green. Grab this deal now and treat yourself, you deserve it!

- GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR ANY OCCASION - Makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, baby shower, marriage and much more. Give away something that will be reminded and 100% appreciated.

- LOVELY BATH OR MONEY-BACK - LOVE your next bath with our Premium Brand New Bath Bombs or get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. Our customers agree: This is the BEST Bath Bombs on Amazon.

The Relaxing Bath Bombs Gift Set

1. Flowery Scent - The new aroma "Surf's Up" makes itself at home in your bathroom with the aroma of exotic flowers from distant countries.

2. Best Stress Reliever - Our colored bombs will help you relax and get the rest you deserve from the hustle and bustle of your exhausting day.

3. Hypoallergenic - We made our bath bomb strictly and safely, no toxic chemicals or anything that will harm your skin health only organic elements.

4. Smooth Surface - The best bombs that will never leave any sand particles on the bottom of your bathtub, everything is dissolving & it foam up gently on the water's surface.

5. 6 in 1 Value Pack - Don't waste your time and money with 1 bath bomb which doesn't give any comfort for you, buy this 6 large balls, which you can share to your partner for just one price.

6. Amazing Bubbling Colors on your Water - We make our bath bombs to be more exciting when relaxing in your bathtub, this bomb will change your water into green/yellow/pink. Say goodbye to your boring water on your bathtub now!