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Bams Bambo ODOR-KILL Compression Socks For Men Women Promotion

Improve your health with our compression socks:1) rated #1 for comfort & performance: Enjoy true medical-grade compression (15-20 mmHg) with the softest socks you will ever wear! Clinically proven…

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Bams Bamboo ODOR-KILL Compression Socks For Men Women


1) RATED #1 FOR COMFORT & PERFORMANCE: Enjoy true medical-grade compression (15-20 mmHg) with the softest socks you will ever wear! Clinically proven to reduce swelling, MAXIMIZE blood flow and speed recovery time!

2) SUPER ABSORBENT BAMBOO: Our socks are soft as SILK yet absorb 3X more than cotton/polyester socks. Say goodbye to toxic exposure of cotton/polyester chemicals used in the textile industry that irritate your skin! Our eco-friendly fibers are grown with 40% LESS WATER than cotton with NO pesticides/chemicals!

3) NEW BAMBOO ODOR-KILLTM TECHNOLOGY: Finally, odorless feet all day long! Our EXCLUSIVE Anti-Odor fibers instantly STOPS bacteria/fungi for a 99.9% microbe reduction to your legs and feet!

4) PAIN-RELIEF FOR A GREAT VALUE: Instantly relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, varicose veins and edema with the ONLY medical-grade, hypoallergenic compression. Prevent DVT and reduce swelling from prolonged standing/sitting. Clinically approved bamboo BEST for sensitive skin, allergies, nurses and expecting mothers!

5) LASTING DURABLITY: Our double-stitched socks have been officially tested to maintain its compression pressure, softness and strength wash after wash!