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Ball Pit For Kids Promotion

Roomy. Consists of tent house, tunnel and ball pool.

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Ball Pit For Kids

Roomy. Consist of Tent house, tunnel and ball pool. Independent open room with window for kids to crawl and play, improve baby's independent ability. BALLS NOT INCLUDED.
Eco-Friendly and durable. Meet toy safety standards. Odor-free. Ensure a safe environment for children. Perfect for indoor or outdoor play.
Breathable tulle design with colorful polka dot printed. Good transmittance .Visualize the view inside for watching out. Mosquito-proof.
Durable and firm. High-strength environment friendly steel holder with excessive flexibility. 100% doubly- sewed and washable polyester fabric is highly resistant to wear and tear.
Portable. Quick & Easy to set up, fold, move and store. Fold-Pop-up for quick assemble. Lightweight with a zipper storage bag. WARNING: WATCH OUT ELASTIC BOUNCING WHEN OPENING.Ideal for home, backyard, parks, parties, day care and more.