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Baby Monitor Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera Promotion

An amazing monitoring camera for your home, your baby, your pet and office.

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Baby Monitor Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera

★ WiFi CONNECTION& MULTIPLE USES: You can use it as a baby monitor to view your baby's activity and safety.

★ FULLY FUNCTIONAL AT ALL TIMES: Provide you with the best image & video recording quality.

★ STAY IN TOUCH WITH TWO WAY AUDIO: Keep in touch with your baby anytime and anywhere.

★ EASY TO PLACE & USE/ PLUG & PLAY SYSTEM: Quick install and setup, just connected with your phone, tablet or computer device in minutes, using the View App ("MIPC").

★ SECURITY & WARRANTY:Financial level Encryption Technology, make you connect to any devices, via a secure, safe network.

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

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Laura Cine Laura Cine  

Jaime Groleau Jaime Groleau  

Discounted For Review! Wireless Wi-Fi Camera By LeFun. Offers The Easiest Setup By Scanning The QR Code On The Bottom Of The Camera To Connect And View The Video Right On Your Phone. This Camera Has Tons Of Features! Schedule Recordings, Alarms, Notifications, You Even Upgrade Right Through The App. I Was Able To Set Up The Camera And Use It Within Just A Few Minutes. Find It Reasonably Priced Here: Https:// #lefunwirelesscamera
Jaime Groleau Jaime Groleau  

Wireless wifi camera by LeFun offers the easiest setup by scanning the QR code on the camera, allowing you to view the video right on your phone! Tons of features! Schedule recordings, alarms, notifications, etc. Took mere minutes to setup and use. Discounted for my review. Find it here: #lefunwirelesscamera #wirelesscamera #babymonitor #camera #review #amazon
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#lefunwirelesscamera Times Are Changing. Once Use To Be A Safe Neighbor Hood Has Now Become Littered With Garbage And Crime Increasing. It's Sad That You Use To Be Able To Leave Your Dorms Open Without A Worry At All. You Could Trust Your Homework Be Safe, But Times Have Changed. It Is Essential To Have A Monitoring System In Place To Be Able To Prove What And When Something Occurred. Without Concrete Proof, Our Justice System Has Its Hands Tied. This Camera Assures That I Can Not Only See, But Document It Clearly Too. This Is A Top Of The Line Security System. The Camera The Ability To Either Hook Up Directly To My Router With A Hard Line Or To My WiFi. Either Is Simple And The Instructions Are Easy To Follow. It Took A Little Bit Of Time To Hook Up, But Works Nicely. I Would Suggest Follow The Directions, It Will Be Easier. They Are Included To Make It Simple. The Antenna Is Is Heavy Duty That Won't Snap Off Like So Many Of The Cheap Versions Do. The Outer Housing Is Built Tough And Will Last For Years. The Microphone Is Clear And The Audio Recording Is Life Like. Clear Enough To Hear Conversation Across The Room Clearly. The Best Part Is The Audio Can Go Two Way. Amazing! The Video Quality Is Also Clear. Every Detail Is Bright And Crisp. The Cameras Ability To Use Its Infra Red IR Lens To See In The Dark And Activate The Recording. I Found It Can Activate Up To About 9 Meters, Which Is Pretty Far. Yes It's A Little Less Than It Says, But It's Pitch Black Dark Where I Live. It Has The Ability To Not Only Pan Side To Side, Capturing A Wide Range Of The Area You Need To Have An Eye On. It Also Has The Ability To Move Up And Down, Making The Area Visible Even Larger. The Movements Of This Camera Are Impressive And Can Really Record A Wide Field Because Of Its Ability To Move In Do Many Different Directions. It Reminds Me Of R2D2
Anthony Moss Anthony Moss  

LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera To Leverage The WPS Setup Feature Please Make Sure You Have A Wifi Router With The WPS Function ,otherwise You Must Go For The Ethernet Cable Way For WiFi Connection Setup Instead. Main Features: IP/WiFi Network, Wireless Camera, Video Monitoring/Recording, Live...