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Baby Bandana Bibs, Unisex 4-Pack With 3 Snaps, Pacifier Clip & Bottle Strap Promotion

With us you always get more

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Baby Bandana Bibs, Unisex 4-Pack With 3 Snaps, Pacifier Clip & Bottle Strap

WITH US YOU ALWAYS GET MORE- In our trendy designer drooling bundle, you will get a FREE cotton Pacifier Clip & Bottle Strap for toddlers and infants to complete a fun and fancy unisex shower gifts.

3 ADJUSTABLE SNAPS- Our teething bibs are the only ones in the market that come with 3 nickel-free adjustable snaps! Newborns can now also wear the bandana bib, sizes 1-24 months. With these 3 snaps your baby won't be able to pull these bibs off!

HIGH QUALITY & SUPER ABSORBENT DROOL BIBS- No need to wash so much laundry anymore! Stop changing your baby's clothes 3-4 times a day. Front is made of 100% soft organic cotton, backed by an ultra-absorbent polyester fleece to protect your little drooling and teething baby from dribble rash,always keeping your baby stylish and dry.

MACHINE WASHABLE Hassle-free washing, bib retains its shape and continues to look good long after purchase.

Parents, are you tired of:
Doing laundry all day?
Constantly changing outfits?
The weak velcro that your baby pulls off anytime?
Buying cute outfit and have to cover them with ugly teething bibs?
Bibs that are too stiff?
Fighting with your drooling bibs because they won't lay flat?
Bibs that aren't absorbent?
Wanting to buy a drooling bib, but it’s too expensive?
If you found yourself saying yes to any of these questions, you will be happy to hear the next few facts about Pashoshi baby bandana bib.
Pashoshi Baby Bibs:
With Pashoshi You Always Get The Best Value For Money!
Best Baby Gift Set- 4 stylish bibs, you will also have Pacifier Clip and Bottle Strap at no extra charge
Super Absorbent Drool Bibs - Stop changing your baby's clothes 3-4 times a day
3 Adjustable Snaps (Nickel-Free)- Now also newborns can wear bandana bib, your baby won't be able to pull these bibs off!

Sandra Denkins Sandra Denkins  

Danielle Papsis Danielle Papsis  

Absorbent #pashoshibaby 6 Piece Set includes (4) 3-snap Organic Cotton & Polyester Fleece Unisex Baby #Bibs, a Bottle holder and Pacifier Clip. #baby #toddler Disclaimer: I received a #FreeSample for my honest and unbiased #review
Justina Nagle Justina Nagle  

Love these bandana bibs! So cute & soft! #pashoshibaby
Jenny Frank Jenny Frank  

Loving the prints on these adorable #bandanabibs by #pashoshibaby. Check them out on amazon. #amazon #reviewsbyjenny
Cecilia June Cecilia June  

#pashoshibaby super cute drool bibs!
Jamie Klazmer Jamie Klazmer  

And so the baby things begin
Britney Carpenter Britney Carpenter  

Love these drool bibs! Perfect for teething and spitting up
Crystal Gregg Crystal Gregg  

#pashoshibaby @pashoshibaby ❤️❤️
Raleigh Ward Raleigh Ward  

So adorable! #pashoshibaby
Daniela Francesca Daniela Francesca  

Not the most cooperative model
Mary Holt Mary Holt  

Rachel Hunter Rachel Hunter  

Bandana bibs #pashoshibaby
Paige Fletcher Paige Fletcher  

Charlotte showing off one of her new favorite bibs
Angela Yancy Angela Yancy  

Amanda Ray Amanda Ray  

Meghan Stakes Meghan Stakes  

Loving my bandana bibs Baby Bandana Drool Bibs By Pashoshi! Chandler looks so cute. Super cute patterns and adjust to my growing baby boy. Also the bottle strap and pacifier holders are life savers. #giveawayreviews
Heather Clark-Hill Heather Clark-Hill  

#pashoshibaby #review Bandana Bibs for 0-24 months old
Brandy Alford Brandy Alford  

Kellina Murphy Kellina Murphy  

Mace showing his style with his new bandana bibs we got to try for free! They are perfect for us since he can't tug them off and they're so soft
Ehab Muhammed Aqleem Ehab Muhammed Aqleem  

Dawn Majors Dawn Majors  

Cool... #pashoshibaby
Nate Chuang Nate Chuang  

Connie Christian Connie Christian  

Can you baby in style. These are just the cutest and most adorable bibs I have ever seen. Bandana bibs? Who knew that a bandana bib would be the style of a baby bib. These have character and the design is amazing. These are not your everyday single color bibs with the velcro closure. These bibs have fun designs and snap in the back.I am in love with these bibs. I want more! Lol.. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
Nicole Parker Nicole Parker  

Hipster baby. So stylish. #hipsterbaby #vivienne #babybandana @pashoshibaby
Diana Flores Diana Flores  

The front is made of 100% soft ORGANIC COTTON, backed by an ultra-absorbent polyester fleece to protect your little drooling and teething baby from dribble rash. It always keeps your babies stylish and dry at the same time. My favorite was the anchors bib and the arrows. These baby bandana bibs are the only ones in the market that come with 3 NICKEL- FREE adjustable snaps. These are great to grow along with the baby. Fron newborns to toddlers, sizes 1-24 months. With these 3 SNAPS your baby won't be able to pull these bandana bibs off. Which is a plus unlike other bibs out there. The thing i like most is that they are super stylish. A few extra things i do love about this set is the extras they came with. It comes with free pacifier clip & bottle/toy holder strap. this stylish bundle will bring all you need to complete the perfect unisex baby shower gift set..
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

#pashoshibaby bibs are great! Nice and thick!
Heather Patty Heather Patty  

#checkout our #pashoshibaby bandana bibs
Vania Lim Vania Lim  

New trend, cute bandana bibs for babies! #pashoshibaby
Natalia Kane Natalia Kane  

Drooling in style He likes his bandana bibs #pashoshibaby #babyboy #6monthsold #droolinginstyle #sixmonthsold
Abigail Young Abigail Young  

Little baby giggles from the cutest bandit on the planet... #pashoshibaby #6months #bibdanatime #HandsomeRansom
Donna Phipps-Williams Donna Phipps-Williams  

Look what we got in the mail! The new baby banana bibs :) #pashoshibaby
Lisa Nova Lisa Nova  

These teething bibs are so soft. They are perfect for lil doobie. #pashoshibaby
Melissa Rand Melissa Rand  

I love these bibs and there currently marked down to $20.99 from $43.99!!! That's a savings of $22.61!!! You can find it on Amazon by searching "Pashoshi"! #baby #review #pashoshibaby #gotitfreetoreview #mommy
Keri Picolla Keri Picolla  

This profile kills me. #babylilykat #pashoshibaby
Carol Hang Carol Hang  

Arlene Taylor Arlene Taylor  

#pashoshibaby Gotta have this :)
Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson