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August MS515 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Set - Amazon UK Offer Promotion

Enjoy powerful and balanced stereo sound.

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August MS515 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Set - Amazon UK Offer

Grab these August MS515 for just £1, these speakers are great value for money.

And for your readers, we have a UK discount code here:

For 40% off that is live on the 8th and 9th of September! Post an upcoming review piece with a link to the code, then a review for maximum affiliate income :)

Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Set - Enjoy powerful and balanced stereo sound
Bluetooth v4.0 - Connect wirelessly to Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Smart TVs
15 hour battery life - Long life internal rechargeable battery, perfect on the go
3.5mm Audio In - Easily connect to non Bluetooth devices through their headphone socket
Stereo Connecting Cable - Two speakers linked to create awesome stereo separation