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Audiosharp AS1217 Headphones

Audiosharp AS1217 Ultimate Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Carrying Case Super Heavy Enhanced Extra Bass Metal Housing

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Audiosharp AS1217 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones With Carrying Case

Built-in miniature 6.8mm dynamic drive unit, creating a very penetrating power in the high frequency performance.

Pure copper forging, surface through double plating processing, surface smooth feeling.

Unique one-piece process cavity, the transient low quality sting vocals, produce the high frequency penetration in the simple sense is strong.

Design simple fashion, from the cavity layout to guide pipes have been meticulously, universal noise reduction, lossless audio, compatible with all audio equipment.

Uses the Japanese CNC numerical control machine and hight precision cutting, grinding, precision metal texture, integral joint artificial learning design, special artistic breath.Using fiber optic cable grade transparent bulletproof imported from Japan silk headset wire, the wire with high strength, high elasticity, prevent sweat corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Transparent wire design, more fashion science and technology.