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Audiosharp AS1158 Premium Metal Super Bass Stereo In Ear Earphones With Detachable Cable Microphone

9mm speaker drivers with 118dB of SPL that tattoo your temporal lobes with full-color sonic art.Customizable fit noise isolating earbuds with aluminum sound chamber delivers a rich detailed sound from the powerful bass to precision highs.

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Audiosharp On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth NFC Foldable Stereo Headphones (White)

With NFC chips allows easy Bluetooth pairing to NFC compatible devices, it also guarantees complete wireless freedom.

Thanks to the CSR Bluetooth 4.0 dual-core chips, it provides a high-definition sound experience, also a standby time up to 10 hrs.

Use of the built-in mic supports multiple Bluetooth device, e.g., computer, mobile phone and tablet.

The 40mm pronouncing unit serves up more clear and richer performance in sound.Its foldable design allows it to cuddle right after in its own storage pouch.