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Audiosharp AS1128 Metal In Ear Headphones Promotion

Super Audio Performance Presented by Audiosharp

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Audiosharp AS1128 Metal In Ear Headphones With Flat Cord In-Line Microphone

Superb audio performance through the frequency range, with rich lows and clear, deep bass response and no distortion.

Alloy material earpieces,which have a glazed, metallic look to them.Inline remote control and microphone for mobile devices.

Include 3 thoughtfully designed ear tips are easy to swap out, clean.Easy to make a voice call on computer with a PC converting cable.

No tangles,more time to play.Earbuds are convenient,taking the time to untangle them is not.

Audiosharp metal earbuds features innovative headphone cable that not only sounds great,but is completely tangle-free.