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12 DIFFERENT BRUSHES - This face painting kit includes a brush for every artistic occasion.

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12 DIFFERENT BRUSHES - This face painting kit includes a brush for every artistic occasion including: brushes that taper to a fine point for detail work and fine lines, square-tip brushes, fan-shaped brushes and more!

• HIGH-QUALITY SYNTHETIC BRISTLES - We've used a special blend of high-quality non-toxic synthetic fibers for these bristles so they hold more paint, allow you to apply it to faces more evenly, and are easier to clean up!

• BUILT TO LAST - Hold your ARTacts Synthetic Face Painting Brushes between your fingers. Feel the solid wood handle balance comfortably in the palm of your hand. Marvel at the gorgeous matte black finish of the handle and the luscious chocolate brown bristles. We've designed these brushes to give you years of face painting fun!

• IDEAL FOR KIDS OR ADULTS, BEGINNERS OR EXPERTS - Use it for school events, church events, fairs, parades or any time you feel like putting a smile on someone's face!

• LIFETIME GUARANTEE! - We're so confident in the superior quality of our ARTacts Synthetic Face Painting Brushes we gladly offer them with a 100% Satisfaction Lifetime Guarantee!•