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Arctic Premium Teeth Whitening Kit Promotion

The Arctic Premium Kit is our blue ribbon special that contains everything needed to obtain a Hollywood smile in just 30 minutes!

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Arctic Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

The Arctic Premium Kit is our blue ribbon special that contains everything needed to obtain a Hollywood smile in just 30 minutes! Polar's thermoform mouth trays are convenient for at home teeth whitening kits. They are easy to mold and provide a custom comfortable fit for reuse. We recommended that they be stored in our classic case.

Our whitening gel consists of a 10ml of mint flavored 36% Carbamide Peroxide that is perfect for eliminating stubborn stains and obtaining a brighter whiter smile! This high quality gel gives you maximum results with little to no sensitivity! Use our mini 5 LED light; a stronger hands free light system that accelerates the whitening process by using a specific light frequency to activate the whitening gel, giving you that professional result without the financial burden of a dentist! Also included in this kit is our exclusive remineralization gel!

Remineralization Gel replenishes and restores key minerals back into your teeth that may be lost during the whitening process. This blue gel is recommended after every whitening treatment to seal results and add a protective covering that keeps stains from resurfacing. It also aides in reducing tooth sensitivity and strengthens tooth enamel all at the same time! Store all of your supplies in our NEW plush embroidered cosmetic travel bag making your whitening experience complete!

~It's safe, affordable and contains the same ingredients used by professionals! Our gel is 100% natural, no fillers or additives! Use our gel with confidence, made in the USA!

• Embroidered Plush Cosmetic Travel Bag
• Upper and Lower mouth trays
• 1 Classic Case for storage
• 1 - 10 ml syringe of teeth whitening gel
• 1 LED light
• 1 Remineralization Gel
• Teeth Shading Guide