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Apple Watch Band Black Promotion

Designed specially for your beloved 42 mm Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Band

This Tophot silicon band designed special for your beloved 42 mm Apple Watch. Feel yourself unique with this modern Apple Watch band!

Product Features:

Be fashionable and unique with this sophisticated Apple Watch band with oriental print design!

Choose the best for your iWatch! 100% high quality smooth durable silicone for comfortable fit. Metal parts made with hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel. Perfect tear resistant and ultra-strong tension. Band is comfortable and durable in everyday use and suitable for active lifestyle.

Band comes with Apple Watch lugs on both ends, which provide fast and secure installation and removal. Adjustable length to fit various sizes of wrist.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! Tophot provide 1 year warranty and full customer service.

Important Information:

1. Use soft cloth wipe to clean.
2. Try to avoid using it under water.
3. For longer color retention avoid long time and direct exposure to the sun.