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Anti-DHT & Alopecia Hair Growth Oil Scalp Treatment, 4 Oz, Lemongrass & Rosemary Promotion

Treats hair loss, stimulates hair growth and blocks the effects of testosterone within the skin.

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Anti-DHT & Alopecia Hair Growth Oil Scalp Treatment, 4 Oz, Lemongrass & Rosemary

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Anti DHT: Saw Palmetto's active ingredient blocks 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT and has been shown to have synergistic therapeutic effects. Treats hair loss, stimulates hair growth and blocks the effects of testosterone within the skin. Rosemary Essential Oil stimulates cell division and dilates blood vessels and, in turn, stimulates hair follicles into producing new hair growth.

ALOPECIA and HAIR THINNING PREVENTION: Rosemary contains URSOLIC ACID which helps to increase scalp circulation. Ursolic acid and its isomer, oleanolic acid, are working to support hair growth and prevent scalp irritation. Both triterpenoid compounds encourage hair growth by stimulating the peripheral blood flow in the scalp and activating the hair mother cells. They also furnish alopecia-preventing and dandruff-preventing effects.

NEW & IMPROVED: Natural Strong and effective Anti-DHT & Androgenetic Alopecia Fighting scalp and hair oil formula for men and women. 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. VITAMIN ENRICHED. STIMULATES & REFRESHES SCALP. YOU FEEL IT WORKING!

PROPER SCALP HYDRATION & CARE: Help your scalp to grow better more strong and healthy hair! Like all other skin on your face or body, the scalp also has to be protected and properly hydrated. If it isn't that leads to extra sebum production or scalp dryness. Lemongrass Essential Oils has strong antibacterial qualities, so it improves scalp condition for successful hair growth. Rosemary Essential Oil is also beneficial for dry and flaky scalps due to its extra antibacterial properties.


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Ahmed Douik Ahmed Douik  

Great smell
Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

Unique Formula Treats Scalp Conditions, Stimulates Hair Growth And Strengthens Hair Roots And As Such Can Help With Hair Loss, Due To Moisturizing And Emollient Properties To Maintain A Healthy Environment For Hair To Grow. Strong And Effective Anti-DHT & Androgenetic Alopecia Fighting Formula Fo...
Vi Do Vi Do  

I Receive This Product As A Discount For My Honest Review. I Absolutely Like This Bluetooth Headphones. It Pairs With My Laptop And My Phone Very Well. The Sounds Are Incredible And Wonderful. I Am Very Satisfied With This Product From Xinglan And Highly Recommend This As Well. Https://
Denise Tranchina Denise Tranchina  

Https:// I Am So Loving All Of The Natural Products I Have Been Using!!! This Scalp Treatment Smells Great, And You Van Really Feel It Working, My Scalp Tingled The Whole 20 Minutes!!! I Really Love It!!
Zii Miller Zii Miller  

I Usually Don't Like Lemongrass, But This Actually Smells Very Nice! Plus, You Only Have To Leave It On For About 20 Minutes, So Even If You Don't Like It, It's Temporary. It Doesn't Not Make Your Hair Too Greasy In The Time Being. The Dropper Never Completely Fills Up All The Way, I Am Just Assuming That About Half Of The Dropper Is One Dose, Since There's Really No Other Way To Tell. You Have To Rub It In Vigorously (or At Least That Is What I Do). Make Sure All The Circulation Gets To Your Head. I Also Noticed That It Says You Need To Use It 2-3 Times A Week For Best Results, And I'm Sure That Wouldn't Be An Issue For Most Of You. I Actually Have To Remember To Do It Before Every Shower. Which For Me Happens To Be Less Than 2-3 Times A Week, So I'll Come Back In About A Month And Tell You Whether Or Not This Product Has Paid Off. I've Certainly Spent More Money On Hair Growth Products That Absolutely Did Not Work, So I'm Seriously Hoping That This One Will Come Through For Me. I Have Been Losing Hair At A Steady Pace Since I Was 13 Years And, And No One Knows Why. Thinning Hair Is Really Distracting And I Don't Want To Be THAT Person. Https://

I was looking for something helps for hair growth find this and said lets give it a try came in nice green little bottle really makes difference I noticed a bunch of hairs growing again and coming to life after using it thanks to their secret formula. it's also smells great.
Donna Williams Donna Williams  

Anti-DHT & Alopecia Hair Growth Oil Scalp Treatment, 4 Oz, Lemongrass & Rosemary Https://
Charnita Fance Charnita Fance  

If you love the smell of lemongrass, you'll love this - strong but pleasant. Just started with it and hoping it helps a family member with alopecia! Treats hair loss, stimulates hair growth and blocks the effects of testosterone within the skin. #haircare #hairgrowth #thinninghair #alopecia #hairloss #beauty #gotitfree #productreview #

I Was Looking For Something Helps For Hair Growth Find This And Said Let's Give It A Try. Came In A Nice Green Little Bottle. Really Makes A Difference I Noticed A Bunch Of Hairs Growing Again And Coming To Life After Using It Thanks To Their Secret Formula. It Also Smells Great. Https://
Charnita Fance Charnita Fance  

100% Botanical Organic Ingredients In This Formula Improves Scalp Condition For Successful Hair Growth. Lemongrass Unique Oil's Properties Have The Ability To Penetrate The Hair Cortex, Filling In Gaps And Damage, Resulting In Shinier And More Manageable Hair. Rosemary Contains Ursolic Acid Which...
Tanisha Thomas Tanisha Thomas  

All Natural Hair Growth Treatment That Smells Just Like Lemon. Check It Out And Try It For Yourself Https://
Omar Colunga Omar Colunga  

I have to brag on myself for a minute. I received this in the mail a couple of days ago. Being a full-time college student, having a full-time job AND most of all full-time Mommy while maintaining a 3.9-4.0 GPA average. And somehow finding time to stay fit and exercise regularly (no excuses)
Omar Colunga Omar Colunga  

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Teresa Lewis Teresa Lewis  

Crappy customer service. I never even received the product. anti-dht and alopecia hair growth oil scalp treatment
Teresa Lewis Teresa Lewis  

REVIEW: Anti-DHT & Alopecia Hair Growth Oil Scalp Treatment Very Bad Customer Service And I Never Even Received The Product! Https://
Donna Williams Donna Williams  

Vi Do Vi Do  

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