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Anti Aging & Moisturizing Facial Mask By Cool & Cool Promotion

Nourishes skin with advanced collagen plus.

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Anti Aging & Moisturizing Facial Mask By Cool & Cool

Cool & Cool Anti-Aging Face Mask contains natural minerals and extracts to help whiten the skin. Helps to tighten and smooth rough areas of the skin. Revitalizes to help keep your skin looking young and healthy. This product is very famous among the Japanese and Korean Masks. Face Mask can be used for Men's Anti Aging mask's along with Women.

Cool & Cool Anti-Aging face mask with natural extracts has proven powers of collagen replenishment, reduces wrinkles and prevents the dehydration of skin. it enhances the skin immune system by supplying it with vitamins and minerals. Cool & Cool has proven it's self in front of other Anti Aging products and ranks great in Korean beauty. The SMART-FIT fabric that comfortably fits the skin ensures more essence can infuse deeply into skin for anti-aging effect. Your skin regains its natural radiance, vitality and feels smooth and supple.