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Amino Blast 1500 Promotion

Supporting Muscle Protein Synthesis & RecoveryEasy consumption for rapid absorption

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Amino Blast 1500

Supporting Muscle Protein Synthesis & Recovery. Easy consumption for rapid absorption. ProSeries Amino Blast 1500 contains a huge 1,500mg per serving, up to maximum of 9,000mg per day. This incredible concentrated formula with it’s ideal 2:1:1 ratio can help you gain maximum results for your fitness journey.

If you are a serious athlete or just someone looking to perform better and/or improve their physique then Amino Blast 1500 is for you. Men & women across the globe have been benefiting from increasing their BCAA (Amino Acid) intake. Start improving your workouts and physique with ProSeries Amino Blast 1500.

Amino Blast 1500 comes in an easy to take capsule that has been designed with rapid absorption in mind. For busy people who just don’t want to mess around Amino Blast 1500 is the perfect product to take for getting the ideal 2:1:1 BCAA ratio into their system.