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All Season Windshield Cover - Promotion Promotion

Protect your windshield and the interior of your vehicle with a premium all-weather windshield cover from HOLAUTO.

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All Season Windshield Cover - Promotion

+ SIZED TO FIT: Even though vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, we offer two different sizes to match your model. Our car windshield cover is 48” x 60” and our SUV windshield cover is 50” x 70”. Great for trucks, cars, SUVs, vans and more.
+ YEAR ROUND PROTECTION: Use the silver side of our windshield cover in the summer months as a sun shade to reduce heat, or the black side in winter to keep your windshield from icing over and to heat the interior of your vehicle.
+ ATTACHES IN SECONDS: Our reversible windshield cover is easy to install and attaches and detaches quickly. And with strategically placed magnets along the edges, it will stay in place without scratching your windshield or scraping your vehicle.
+ PREMIUM WEATHER PROTECTION: We’ve weather-proofed our windshield cover using water-resistant polyester and durable mesh that flexes without tearing. It works great in wind, rain, snow and a variety of other weather.