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All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets (Pack Of 5) No Plastic Deet Free Promotion

Easy to use, Snap on Snap Off locks. Our Bands are made of 100% Natural Oil with Lavender.

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All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets (Pack Of 5) No Plastic Deet Free

SAY GOODBYE TO MOSQUITO - Easy to use, Snap on Snap Off locks, Our Bands are made of 100% Natural Oil with Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon Grass Scent, You'll with Love it! Enzo's Mosquito Repellent Bands are Used by Real Customers and Real Band Life Span is 3-5 Days Protection. Great for HIKING, FISHING, other SPORTS and OUTDOOR Activities Especially in Playground to Protect Your Kids from Mosquito Bites.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY + NO CHEMICAL ALL NATURAL - Our Bracelets are Biocide and has 100% DEET FREE, Non-Toxic, and Recycle Friendly Bracelets. EPA shows DEET is toxic to birds, fish and aquatic invertebrates and Overuse of DEET can have lethal consequences includes Kidney/Liver Damage, Birth Defect, Neurotoxicity and more. So STOP using DEET and Stay using Enzo's Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Now!

RESEALABLE ZIP-LOCK + LONG LASTING - Enzo's Bite Resistance Bracelets are fully Resealed after used and Each Bracelets Can Be Re-Used Up to 3 Months Non-Used Bracelet Last Up to 5 Months in an Re-Sealed Package. Unopened Packages Stays New and Fully Functional Up to 1 Year After Purchase.

VERSITILE OUTDOOR & INDOOR PROTECTION- Enzo's Mosquito Repellent band can be Straped to Namely Anything and Anywhere! With 1 You can use them as Bracelets and Angel-Band for Hiking but with 2 or 3 the Possibility is Limitless - You can use it on your Double and Triple the Repellent by Using it on your Arm, Hats, Backpack, Tents and even Stroller.
Great for Both OUTDOORS & INDOOR Activity.


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