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All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Promotion

Great for hiking, fishing, other sports and outdoor activities especially in playground to protect your kids from mosquito bites.

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All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets (Pack Of 5) No Plastic, Deet Free

Easy to use, Snap on Snap Off locks, Our Bands are made of 100% Natural Oil with Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon Grass Scent, You'll Love it! Enzo's Mosquito Repellent Bands are Used by Real Customers and Real Band Life Span is 3-5 Days Protection. Great for HIKING, FISHING, other SPORTS and OUTDOOR Activities Especially in Playground to Protect Your Kids from Mosquito Bites.

Our Bracelets are Biocide and has 100% DEET FREE, Non-Toxic, and Recycle Friendly Bracelets. EPA shows DEET is toxic to birds, fish and aquatic invertebrates and Overuse of DEET can have lethal consequences includes Kidney/Liver Damage, Birth Defect, Neurotoxicity and more. So STOP using DEET and Stay using Enzo's Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Now!

Enzo's Bite Resistance Bracelets are fully Resealed after used and Each Bracelets Can Be Re-Used Up to 3 Months Non-Used Bracelet Last Up to 5 Months in an Re-Sealed Package. Unopened Packages Stays New and Fully Functional Up to 1 Year After Purchase.

Enzo's Mosquito Repellent band can be Strapped to Namely Anything and Anywhere! With 1 You can use them as Bracelets and Angel-Band for Hiking but with 2 or 3 the Possibility is Limitless - You can use it on your Double and Triple the Repellent by Using it on your Arm, Hats, Backpack, Tents and even Stroller. Great for Both OUTDOORS & INDOOR Activity.


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Tired Of Being Eaten Alive So I Ordered This From Amazon In Exchange For A Review. I Will Never Use Another Bug Repellent Again
Fillmore Spangler Fillmore Spangler  

Https:// These Mosquito Repellant Bracelets Are A Great Addition To Our Summer Wardrobe. The “All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Are All-natural Non-toxic Blend Of Lavender And Lemongrass Scent. Make With Herbal Ingredients Only. The Bands Are Easy To Attach And Wear But More Importantly They Work To Repel And Kill Mosquitos Swarming Around You As You Are Outside. Our Granddaughter Is A Mosquito Magnet So Having Something That Is So Easy To Wear And Can Be Such A Protection Is Great For Her. One On Her Wrist And One On Her Ankle. With A Child They Never Like Having To Get Sprayed In The First Place, Let Along Getting Sprayed Again Later After The Spray Wore Off. No Worry About Breathing The Fumes Of The Spray, As There Isn’t Any. I Have Been Very Pleased With These “All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets” And I Am Sure That We Will Need To Order More Of These Soon To Help Keep The Mosquitos Away.I Received This Product For Free Or At A Greatly Reduced Price In Exchange For My Honest And Unbiased Review.
Jenna King Jenna King  

I Got A Chance To Review These Wrist Bands, And I Recommend Them To Anyone, Especially People With Kids!! Https://
Trish Meldrum Trish Meldrum  

Mosquitos Are Out And The Zika Virus Is Here. I Am Doing All That I Can To Help Protect Us When We Are Outside. We Do Not Want To Have Any Issues With The Horrible Mess That It Can Cause So I Was Able To Get These Awesome Repellent Bracelets To Try. - Comfortable, No Odd Plastic Here - Looks Like It Could Be A Leather Bracelet - No Bad Odor - Very Easy To Use -100% Natural Oils - Deet Free - 72 Hr Protection **It's Not A Bonus To How The Band Works But It Does Make Me Like Them More And Want To Buy These Over Others** -Enzo Donates 10% Of Profits To Join The Fight Against Malaria To Help Places Like Africa Save The Lives Of Those Most Effected By It. If You Would Like To Try These Out For Yourself I Have Posted The Link Below. They Come With A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. They Come With 5 In A Pack So The Whole Family Could Test It Out For A Weekend Thing. I Received These Complimentary In Exchange For My Honest Review And Opinion. These Are My Own Views And Have Not Been Influenced In Any Way, I Always Give My Honest Feedback, Good Or Bad. Https://
Sarah Kremer Sarah Kremer  

Bought These New Mosquito Repellent Bracelets And I Love Them. We Have A Pond Behind Our House So We Always Seem To Have Issues With Mosquitoes. I Wore This All Day Today While In The Backyard And Had No Mosquito Bites. Let Me Know If Your Interested In Purchase Info :)
Cheritta Davenport Cheritta Davenport  

These Enzo Mosquito Bracelets Work Pretty Well And They're Fashionable My First Time Using A Bracelets Repellent There Are Soo Many Mosquitos Out Here. I Feel Like A Deet Free Spray In Combination Would Definitely Keep Mosquitos Off. I Had It On My Wrist And It Seemed To Be Keeping The Mosquitoes Away From My Arms And Face. I Then Moved It To My Ankle And It Seemed To Keep Them Off Of My Legs. This Works Well For The Area It Is In But Doesn't Seem To Be An All Over Body Solution. However If You Wear Jeans And Wear This Bracelet You Should Be Pretty Safe From Mosquito Bites.
Benson Lam Benson Lam  

Https:// This Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Does Have Very Similar Smell As Mosquito Repellent Spray. It Smells Strong And Does Last For At Least 3-4 Days. I Use A Bracelet 5-6 Hours A Day And Put It Back In A Ziploc When It Is Not Being Used. One Thing I Like These Bracelets Is That They Have Lavender Scent. I Love The Lavender Scent. I Plant Lavenders And I Put Lavender Buds In Drawers And Closet To Get Rid Of Silverfishes. This Repellent Bracelet Is Adjustable Like Watch Bracelet So It Should Fit Any Wrist Size. The Bracelet Is Made By Leather-liked Material. (It Looks Like Leather But I Am Not Sure, But At Least It Is Not Plastic). To Conclude, This Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Does Its Work Well. I Have Been Using It For A Week And I Only Got One Bite On My Foot So Far Instead Of 5-6 Bites Every Time. I Think I Got That One Bite Because I Was Trying To Use The Same Bracelet For 4 Days And The Smell Got Weaken. I Received This Item At A Discount Or For Free In Return For A Honest And Unbiased Review. However, This Does Not Alter My Review Rating.
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Enzo Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Are Bracelets That Naturally Repell Mosquitoes Without The Horrible Smells Mosquito Repellents Have. I Love The Lavender Smell Of These Such A Wonderful Scent Like Of A Candle Aroma. I Love That You Can Take These And Just Easily Put Them On Just By Inserting A Button In A Hole To Your Comfortable Size Without Spraying Anything. Also Great To Use Anywhere Such As Camping,fishing And Playgrounds. I Love That Every Time Someone Buys These Bracelets 10% Of The Profit Go's To TAM To Help Fight Malaria In Africa. When The Bracelet Is On It Is Very Comfortable With These Bracelets Quality Microfiber I Hardly Knew It Was There. It Provides 72 Hours Of Protection! Which Is Amazing And Definitely Worth The Price! These Bracelets Worked For Me And When Not In Use I Just Restore The Bracelet In The Sealed Bag So It Doesn't Go To Waste. Kept Them Pesty Mosquitoes Away From Me And My Children And I Feel This Product Is A New Me Never Going Back To Them Sprays! I Recieved This Product For Free For My Honest Review. Defiantly Recommend This Product To All!
Sarah Seymore Sarah Seymore  

I Love That I Don't Have To Spray Bugspray All Over My Skin And Clothes To Keep Mosquitos Away. These Bracelets Are Great! I Am A Mosquito MAGNET... If There Is One Within A 5 Miles Vicinity, It Will Find Me. And It Will Eat Me. I Am Covered. I Constantly Have To Use Spray AND A Candle To Keep Them Mostly Away... With These Bracelets, I Did Not Need Any Spray, And They Kept Mostly Away. I End Up Less Bitten Up At The End Of The Day With These Than With The Spray. I Love That You Can Just Put Them Back In The Bag To Store Them As Well. I Ended Up Using One On My Wrist And One On My Ankle The Last Time I Used Them... The Mosquitos Were Horrible And We Were Outside For A Cornhole Tournament In Grass... I Received These For Free In Exchange For My Honest Review.
Wendy Bramer Wendy Bramer  

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Brandy Lewis Brandy Lewis  

Https:// All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets - V.2 - Pack Of 5 - Zika Dengue Fever Protection - No Messes, NO DEET, Great For Kids And Adult Easy To Use Snap Lock Wristbands - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee $14.75 In Stock Over Powerful Smell!! July 12, 2016 By Brandy Ok So My Experience With This Product Is That..well The Aroma Of The Centrinilla Oil Is So Strong And I Mean Kinda Over Bearing!! It Burns My Nose There Is No Way I Can Use This On My Kids!! I Have No Allergies But Did Get A Rash Only Where The Band Was Touching My Skin Also They Do Not Last Very Long But While They Were On I Did Not Get Very Many Bites Everyone Else Was Getting Ate Up And Usually I Do To But I Didnt Thos Time!!! Now While This Product Did Work Its Not Something I Will Be Buying I Think I Will Just Stick To Off!! I Was Geiven This To Give My Honest On Unbiased Review!! Show Less
To Ak To Ak  

Https:// I Received The Bracelet As A Promotion In Exchange For My Honest Review. I Received The Item In A Small Cute Informational Packaging. Upon Opening, The Product Invites You To The Pleasant Smell That Also Acts As A Repellant Against Bugs, Especially Mosquitoes. I Used It For Couple Of Days Now And I Gotta Say It Personally Works For Me. I Rarely Get Any Mosquitoes Biting Me Unlike Before Using The Bracelet. I Would Definitely Recommend This To Anyone, Especially If You Are Having Mosquito Problems In Your Area.
Nick Daratany Nick Daratany  

Very Good Repellent But The Smell Is Not That Good. Taking Out The Mosquito Repellent For The First Time, It Was A Little Damp (not With Water). The Smell Is Very Strong Although It Does Not Smell Horrible. That Is Just My Opinion Of The Smell. Other Than That, It Does Its Main Job Well, Which Is To Repel Mosquitos. I Received This Product At A Discounted Price In Exchange For An Honest Review. I Try To Write Reviews That Show My Honest Opinion Of The Product, And Try To Assist Others In Getting To Know The Product Prior To Purchasing It. Feel Free To Ask Me About The Product, And I'll Do My Best To Answer Your Questions. If I've Been Helpful With This Review, Please Click The Helpful Button Below.
Haydar Kir Haydar Kir  


I Live Down South And For Those Of You Who Also Live In Warm Humid Environments, Heed My Warning. Mosquitos Are Becoming More And More Prevalent And Popous All Across The Globe And Especially In Warm Humid Climates. With Dangerous Spreadable Diseases On The Rise Such As Zika And Malaria, It Is Important To Reduce Your Contact With Mosquitos To As Little As Possible, If Any At All. I Am Generally Covered In Mosquitos After Just Five Minutes Of Being Outside, But I Noticed That While Wearing A Wrist Strap Not A Single Mosquito Until Well After I Had Been Out For An Hour, And It Hadn't Even Landed On Me Yet. I Think When Combined With Other Mosquito Repellants, You Can Almosy Guarantee That No Mosquitos Will Come Near You.