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Akstore Shaving Cup – High Quality Double Layer Stainless Steel Mug Bowl Promotion

New stainless steel shaving bowl. Durable and portable. Very classy and stylish. Made from high quality stainless.

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Akstore Shaving Cup – High Quality Double Layer Stainless Steel Mug Bowl

100% new and high quality.New stainless steel shaving bowl.Durable and portable.Very classy and stylish. Made from high quality stainless.Perfect for those of us who are accustomed to the traditional form of shaving.

1. Brand: AKStore
2. Material: high-quality Stainless Steel
3. Size:High: 52mm/2.05" Diemeter: 73mm/2.88"

Package include:
1 x Shave Mug


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Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

100% New And High Quality.New Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl.Durable And Portable.Very Classy And Stylish. Made From High Quality Stainless.Perfect For Those Of Us Who Are Accustomed To The Traditional Form Of Shaving. FEATURES:1.Brand:AKStore2.Material:high-quality Stainless Steel 3.Size:High: 52m...
Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

Http:// This Is A Smaller Shaver Bowl Compared To Others That I Have Seen Used. However, I Do Think That Has An Advantage And Here Is Why: 1. Conservation, You Actually Can Look At How Much Product You Are Using And Can Learn To Really Appreciate The Product In The Right Amount For The Lather 2. The Smaller, The Better Heat Retention 3. Grips Nicely 4. Small For Carry-ons Some Reviewers Have Stated Problems Being Able To Use Their Brush In The Cup, However, My Personal Opinion Is Either That Your Brush Is Too Big Or May Not Be Properly Using The System Correctly. I Recommend Using A Hot Towel To Moisten The Face Before Using The Cup Lather Method Prior To Shaving. This Relaxes You And Also Helps Soften The Course Hairs Growing On Your Manly Face. Take The Five Minutes Needed To Properly Watch A Shave Soap Cup And Brush System Being Used To Shave A Face. Also For A Refreshing Finish Pop The Cleaned Cup In The Freezer Once Cooled, Add Some Aftershave Into The Cold Cup And Then Apply To Face. Chilly...refreshing...soothing Men Need Some TLC Too
Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey need some TLC too... get a closer shave with a straight razor and shaving cup
Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

This little guy can make a man feel so fresh and so clean