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AiSpeed Mini Bluetooth Headset Promotion

Mini Bluetooth Headset

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AiSpeed Mini Bluetooth Headset

Package Include:
1. One Aispeed earbud
2. One instructions
3. One USB charging cable

1. Pairing :If you can't pair the bluetooth with your phone , please make sure this headset has been going
into pairing mode. (Turn the bluetooth on and keep press the function key until the LED light flashing
Red and Blue)

2. Connecting: If your phone can't search the bluetooth, please kindly try to restart your phone.
If you can't pair it, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you.

3. Quantity : This mini earbud is just one earbud for your right or left ear. Not a pair.

4. Size : The size of this bluetooth is derived from the test date of our engineers.
It can be suitable most person's ear. Please kindly understand it could be not suitable
for you completely. We will be much appreciate if you would like to contact us when you find the earphone is not fit for you.

5. Language Change : If you change the language by accident, please try to according to the below step to change it back :
1. Power it off
2. Power it on and let go of the button before it tries to pair.
3. Now the blue light is on (but not in pairing mode)
4. Hold the button again for a second. The mode will then change back to English.