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Ad087 LED Flashlight W/ Rechargeable 18650 Promotion

Brand: TruPath - the powerful led flashlight you've always wanted Light your way through that camping trip, home blackout, or tire change with the brightest led flashlight around! With a mix of tough…

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Ad087 TruPath Brightest High Power LED Flashlight W/ Rechargeable 18650 MAh...

BRAND: TruPath - THE POWERFUL LED FLASHLIGHT YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED Light your way through that camping trip, home blackout, or tire change with the brightest LED flashlight around! With a mix of tough design, straightforward functionality, long battery life, and a cutting-edge optic system, the TruPath rechargeable flashlight is the last you'll need to buy. - Shopping for the brightest flashlight in the market? - Interested in a product durable enough to weather all your adventures? - Want a flashlight you can easily carry around the place? Then you'll love this high powered LED flashlight! Most flashlights max out at 900 lumens. Ours manages to produce an unmatched 2500 lumens! And it all has to do with our cutting edge light system. We've fitted this flash light with the latest Cree XML T6 LED and a hi-tech focusing optic system, giving you incredible lighting power in your hands. Here are more reasons why this torch is a must-have: - Features 5 lighting modes (high/medium/low/strobe/SOS). - Adjustable telescopic handle for a spotlight or floodlight beam. - Made with aircraft-grade aluminum for superior durability. - 18650mAh lithium battery allows up to 8 hours of operating time. - Adapter allows you to easily use 3 x AAA batteries (not included). - IP68-rated waterproof design makes for safe use in the rain. - Compact and lightweight build complemented with a wrist strap. Experience a zoomable LED flashlight that beautifully balances convenient functionality with a heavy duty design that will last you for years.